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With a combined 22+ years experience in the language industry, our staff provides translations for clients worldwide. At eTranslation Services, we strive for excellence and celebrate diversity. Our team has a shared passion for communication and language. We are flexible and customer-oriented. Our collaborative attitude, professionalism and respect towards our clients lead to our success. We always strive to provide not only the most accurate translations but we also make sure that your customer service experience is first class.


Our vision is to be number one in translations worldwide. We want to be recognized in the translation industry as well as the interpretation industry and to become respected and sought after by new and established clients.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver high quality translations and interpretations for both individuals as well as businesses worldwide.  We strive to maintain a high level of satisfaction with all our clients.

Core Values

  • Integrity: More than just being honest, we uphold high ethical standards. We hold ourselves responsible for doing an excellent job and strive for giving our clients 100% satisfaction.
  • Resourcefulness: We are a solution-driven team; we explore the best options for each of our clients.
  • Professionalism: We always represent ourselves in a professional manner.
  • Punctuality: Your tasks will continuously be completed on time if not sooner.

Meet the Team

eTranslation Services embraces diversity and our team is multicultural. Our native-speaking translators and interpreters, management staff, sales, marketing, content writers, SEO, customer support, and product development employees are located throughout North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. 

Admin and Operations

Ana Pana General Manager eTS

Ana J. Pana

Chief Operating Officer

Ana’s extensive experience in the translation industry has given a completely new meaning to her being a Chief Operating Officer. She’s been in the industry for 12 years, first as Project Manager, then as Human Resources Manager before becoming a Senior Executive Manager then General Manager and now Chief Operating Officer of eTranslation Services. As such, she understands language services from a management perspective. She knows what management needs and expects from the staff, and vice-versa.

She has the keen ability to handpick the best native-speaking translators and interpreters for their linguistic and subject matter expertise. Her previous positions have given her valuable insights into how to manage, push, and motivate the team to strive to be the best and provide clients with A-1 service.  You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone with more experience in our industry.

Jill Rangel

Jill Rangel

Human Resources

Jill has over 6 years’ experience with the LSP industry, starting out as a project manager before moving into Human Resources.

She has a strong work ethic and is a great team player. She’s able to manage our entire freelancer human resources department and is quite an asset to our team.

Samantha Noble

Samantha Noble

Senior Project Manager

Samantha has quite an extensive work history in project management. As such, she understands all the ins and outs of managing a translation or interpreting project. She knows how to deal with deadlines and can understand a client’s needs and is able to ensure that all our clients are happy.

Samantha is responsible for all phases of our projects from ensuring it’s properly quoted to delivering on time. Some of her duties includes accurate production of all projects – that they are delivered on time and within budget, in addition to active management of scope, schedule, budget, issues, personnel, risk, communication, and quality.

Charmaine Elaine Frias

Charmaine Elaine Frias

Quality Assurance Manager

Charmaine has vast experience with the translation process, executing large translation projects, implementing, and performing quality assurance checks. She comes to us with a strong work ethic and is a great team player.

She has a strong background as a Project Manager in the translation industry. She’s able to manage projects and related specific activities within given constraints of time, budget, and quality.

Gerry Steinway

Gerry Steinway

Interpreting Manager

Gerry has over 10 years’ experience in the language industry, starting out as an Interpreter, then an Interpreting Project Manager and now as our Interpreting Manager.

He manages our day-to-day operations of the Interpretation Department. He troubleshoots our system with users and interpreters as needed. He maintains professional and productive relations with both clients and linguists, reviewing, updating, and verifying quality control procedures as well as administering quality control checks and ensuring the accuracy of information in the system.

ETS Project Managers

Project Managers

Our Project Managers oversee and coordinate all our projects from start to finish – negotiating all aspects of a job with our clients, including rates, deadlines, and other facets of a job.

Project managers understand the tasks at hand, assign them accordingly, and they are in constant communication with the translators, interpreters, and the clients. Our Project Managers  have a good relationship with both our global clients and our translators and interpreters.

Translation Team

Professional Translators and Interpreters

Professional Translators

Our 1,000+ translators are located worldwide. This means that we will always assign a job to a native speaking translator. For example, a translation into English could be assigned to a translator living in the UK, the USA, Canada, or Australia, depending on which English the client has requested. Our translators strive to provide perfect translations. This means understanding the terminology, local conventions, standards etc. Our translators are experts in legal, medical, marketing, and financial translations just to name a few. They have excellent knowledge of English and their target language.

Professional Interpreters

We have over 4,000 interpreters who are matched to our clients according to the specific subject matter experience, linguistic ability (including the right dialect) and technical skills. We will always select best interpreter to fit your needs. All our interpreters are highly qualified and experienced in their subject matter field.

Sales and Marketing

Roger Sr. Business Developer

Roger Vasquez

Sr. Business Development Representative

Roger’s expertise and skills come from working closely in various industries and service areas, always within the sales niche, he had the opportunity to work for BPO’s in tech, financial services, hospitality, collections. This permits him to think from a client’s point of view and strategize on the possible outcomes of each project.

 His journey in the language industry started in 2017 with a company based in the USA. This opportunity allowed him to work with a reliable team of professionals with vast experience in languages and services provided by this LSP (Language Service Provider), thus, nourishing the growth and development regarding the industry specifics and services that these types of organizations provide. He had the opportunity to train with industry-leading professionals in and out of the country allowing him to expand his knowledge and skillset in the industry making him a reliable consultant for any project, from simple translations to complicated projects such as Localization.

Rudy Garbelotto

Rudy Garbelotto

Business Development Representative

Rudy is a professional specialized in business development, business analysis, client retention and sales in a B2B and B2C environment. He has a wide array of professional experience in the US and abroad. He is passionate about foreign languages and he also has training experience as an instructor in Business and Foreign Languages.

He will go the extra mile to understand and meet the clients’ needs, to increase their satisfaction so that they can return as loyal customers and grow together in our mutual business goals.

Luciano Zacarias Business Development

Luciano Zacarias

Business Development Representative

Luciano graduated in Applied Business Management from Brigham Young University, Idaho. After finishing his internship in a research and development company from Idaho he became acquainted with the translation industry and decided to pursue a professional career within it. So far, he has had the pleasure to serve clients from a range of industries like Video Games, IT, Life Sciences, and Translation & Localization.

He loves video games. It is something he has really enjoyed since he was a kid. Among the best opportunities the translation & localization industry has brought him is having the chance to meet all types of people worldwide and help them to launch their games to other cultures. Currently, he is happy to keep supporting them as well as helping new clients meet their translation & localization needs.

Backend Support

Marlon Lozada

Marlon Lozada

SEO and Webmaster

Marlon started his career by taking on a challenge on how to improve the online reputation of a business owner who received bad reviews. He worked on improving his knowledge about SEO and search engine algorithms. He also went through web development courses to understand the technicalities that search engines see.

As an SEO specialist, he has worked in different industries and helped other companies in their SEO needs.

Tonie Moreno

Marie Moreno

Social Media Specialist & Content Writer

Marie is a Communication Arts graduate who dabbled in advertising, before finally finding her niche in SEO and social media management. She started as a content writer for magazines, venturing into sports and entertainment journalism.

She took up multiple courses to brush up on SEO skills, and uses various tools in her arsenal to produce the best results. Her experience with content management and social media marketing allows her to find the best practices to boost engagement and brand awareness.

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