Interpretation Services

eTranslation Services provides In-Person Interpretation (IPI) services as well as Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI), allowing you to connect to business partners, clients, friends, and even a family member who may not speak English. Our interpreters can assist you with all your interpretation needs.

Interpreting Services

Interpreting Services

When dealing with global partners and consumers, collaborating with a professional interpreting services provider becomes a valuable corporate asset. You and your organization will be able to communicate with people who speak different languages, across various situations.

All our interpreters here at eTranslation Services are native speakers, highly qualified, certified, and experienced so that you can be sure of the quality of their work.

We provide interpreting services to a wide range of public and commercial organizations that require effective communication to people, regardless of the language they use.

Our interpreters at eTranslation Services possess the abilities and skills to meet the different requirements of our clients. We assign linguists based on the client’s needs in whatever sector they may belong to.

In-person Interpreting Services

An in-person interpreting service is also called onsite interpreting or face-to-face interpreting. The program is often used for small groups. The interpreter meets the client in the preferred location, with the interpreter facilitating the communication between two parties who do not share a common language.

The interpreting service applies to various settings and industries. While some clients only need standard language interpretation, many companies and organizations require thematic interpretation, ranging from law to medicine, business, legal, IT, and so on.

Our interpreters are highly trained and certified. Let us know what you need, and we will find the right in-person interpreter for you. With eTranslation Services, you can be sure that we will always provide you with excellent in-person interpreting services no matter what subject matter expertise you require.

In-person Interpreting Services
On-Demand Interpreting Services

On-Demand Interpreting Services

When you need occasional interpreting services, you can sign up for On-Demand Interpreting Services. This method means that you only use the service whenever you need it. On-demand interpreting is a type of phone interpreting service, where you can access an interpreter remotely. 

On-demand interpreting service is an immediate and cost-effective solution when you need over-the-phone interpreting services quickly. You can access the service 24/7, any day of the year, wherever you may be. The service is available in more than 100 languages. You can dial a toll-free number, choose your language pair and connect to an interpreter within seconds.

With on-demand interpreting services, you only pay for the actual time you use the service. You get the same high-quality service that is fast, easy, safe and secure.

Conference Interpreting Services

eTranslation Services is more than capable of responding to your need for conference interpreting services. We provide both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, so you are fully covered. With our trained linguists who are subject matter experts, we can provide you with excellent conference interpreting services whenever you need them. We only assign experienced interpreters to handle conference interpreting, with the subject matter and cultural knowledge to fit your audiences’ expectations.

Conference Interpreting Services
  • Consecutive Interpretation. eTranslation Services offers consecutive interpretation in more than 100 languages. Consecutive interpretation is applicable in a small group or one-on-one settings. We assure you that our consecutive interpreters strictly uphold high standards of professionalism. Their exceptional interpersonal and linguistic skills can enhance interaction among participants. In this type of conference interpreting services setup, the interpreter sits close to the person or persons needing interpretation.

  • Simultaneous Interpretation. One of the most popular conference interpreting services is simultaneous interpretation. This method is preferred for large meetings or conferences. It is more elaborate and complex, with interpreters in soundproof booths, using headsets and microphones. The sound system should be of high quality, and all participants should use headphones as well, to hear the interpreters in their language. Simultaneous interpreters are highly skilled, trained, and experienced individuals who possess all the characteristics qualified interpreters should have.
Scheduled Interpreting Services

Scheduled Interpreting Services

Aside from on-demand interpreting services, we also provide scheduled interpreting services. This type of language assistance is another type of real-time phone interpreting services.

With scheduled interpreting, you set the time when you want to avail of the interpreting service. You gather the participants to your meeting or discussion and ensure that they are available at the specified time. Our interpreter will wait for your call and start the service when your meeting begins. Scheduled interpreting is an efficient method of getting high-quality over-the-phone interpreting services, as you only pay for the actual time you use it.

Why Choose eTranslation Services for Your Interpreting Needs?

In the field of interpretation, a company’s integrity and reputation depend on the expertise and experience of its linguists. Here at eTranslation Services, we only work with experienced, certified, and highly trained individuals, most of them with subject matter expertise.

We always ensure that we can provide all our clients with accurate and high-quality interpreting services for small groups to large organizations. We carefully match your specific interpreting need with our linguistic expert.

We are ready to level out the interpreting services field with our professional interpreters. All of them possess the following attributes:

  • Vast experience in their field
  • Right credentials
  • Experts in different subject matters
  • Linguistic proficiency
  • Excellent listeners
  • Excellent cognitive, sensory and motor skills
  • Extensive vocabulary in the language pair
  • Culturally aware
  • Emotionally resilient
  • Capable of self-control and stress management

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There is no appropriate time than now to get in touch with eTranslation Services for your interpreting requirements. Anticipate your needs, and we’ll help you find the best solution for your company or organization. We are capable of serving your interpretation requests immediately. We have a vast network of interpreters to provide you with the right type of service with a high degree of accuracy and confidentiality.

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eTS Advisory

Due to the threat of the COVID-19 epidemic, we would like to inform you that eTranslation Services has implemented all actions following the health authorities’ recommendations.

We would like to inform our clients that the cooperation with customers and contractors has not changed. We have made every effort to ensure the continuity of the company. Though our In-Person Interpreting service is currently suspended, we continue to offer Over The Phone interpreting as well as Video Interpreting.