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eTranslation Services has a simple business premise: to provide high quality, 100% human-powered translations, accurate, and perceptive client service that can strongly compete in the language services industry. We use a meticulously-tested network of industry-expert linguists and full-time and experienced project managers to ensure that the work we deliver is the best.

eTranslation Services has linguistic experts to handle certified translations to satisfy every requirement. We work in all language pairs.

We offer a service based on what our clients need, ranging from general text translations to certified translations, polished and enhanced by our detailed review process to ensure the highest level of accuracy to meet not just the needs of our clients but also the language industry.

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Certified Translation Services

Are you dealing with compliance agencies and regulatory bodies that require you to submit certified translations? Are you looking for fast and accurate diploma and transcript translation services? Do you need your marriage certificate translated? Or a foreign driver license translated? You’re in the right place.

Individuals, organizations and business need certified translations. It can be academic records, immigration documents, business proposals, contracts, deeds, legal cases, court rulings, and other materials that various official agencies need to verify the validity of the translation.

Legal Translation Services

Legal translation covers many aspects, from legal disputes and court rulings to corporate documents and legal agreements. Legal translation needs experts who are knowledgeable in the legal systems of the language pair and the specific terminology applicable to the subject.

Here at eTranslation Services, we have a team of legal translators with years of experience in the legal sector, highly competent and qualified to handle your requirements for every type of legal translation.

Professional Transcription Services

Professional Transcription Services

We can transcribe your audio or video recordings! Whatever you need transcribed, we can do for you – presentations, meetings, customer service recordings, legal and medical transcription.

We have a growing community of human transcription specialists who can type your recording or audio for you.

You can trust our team of experts with all of your linguistic needs!

Medical Translation Services

Medical translation encompasses various types of documents, from drug data sheets, medical bulletins, training materials, labeling, and literature for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and others for clinical, technical, and regulatory documentation used for marketing and health care. It can also be about the translation of patient records, medical findings, doctors’ instructions, and prescriptions.

Medical translation requires knowledge in the subject matter as well as specific training. Here at eTranslation Services we make sure that our medical translators are qualified, experienced, and have the proper training to handle sensitive, technical, and precise requirements to translate medical information.

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Localization Services

Localization Services

Get your message across to your business partners and consumers in their language – accurately and creatively, with web, app and game localization.

eTranslation Services offers excellent localization services. Our native-speaking subject matter experts will make your site appear local and speak local in over 200 languages. The Internet is the go-to source of news, information, e-commerce, and global communication, so the time is right to localize your website, game and app.

Deliver the goods in the right language that resonates with your consumers. We’ll help you create a global yet local persona. Let’s be partners to make your local presence more successful.

Quality & Accuracy Control

Quality assurance and client satisfaction are at the top of our priority list. We at eTranslation Services strive for perfection in everything we do.

We maintain strict quality and privacy standards. Humans, not software, do all our translations, and we are a proud member of the American Translators Association (ATA).

We ensure our translations are timely and done flawlessly. We guarantee our services for life, and we provide efficient translations along with a rapid delivery time. Our 5-Step Quality & Accuracy Control Process offers you a perfect translation and delivery time, no matter the document or the language.

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eTS Advisory

Due to the threat of the COVID-19 epidemic, we would like to inform you that eTranslation Services has implemented all actions following the health authorities’ recommendations.

We would like to inform our clients that the cooperation with customers and contractors has not changed. We have made every effort to ensure the continuity of the company. Though our In-Person Interpreting service is currently suspended, we continue to offer Over The Phone interpreting as well as Video Interpreting.