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Globalize Your Brand

Is your business global? Do you compete in international markets with multiple languages and necessities? If the answer is yes, then localization of your website, mobile app or games should be a vital component of your marketing strategy.

Get your website, apps and games localized and get more visitors from the global market.

Looking to expand your business into new markets?

  • Our team are native speakers of the target language
  • They are fluent in the source language
  • Are certified and/or demonstrate expertise in a specific field
  • They undergo evaluation and ongoing quality control
We offer a localization service based on what our clients need, ranging from:
• Translating your website into different languages
• Video Game Localization
• Mobile and Web App Localization Services

Our professional translators live in many parts of the globe.

Our professional translators and language experts live in many parts of the globe and have experience working on different languages and nationalities. We offer localization services with a native touch of the target language or country.

Our Localization Process Made Simple

1. Content Managers

Our Content Managers are also professional translators. They analyze and translate each project per client specification.

2. Proofreader

Localized project is proofread by our team of highly skilled proofreaders who are also language translation experts.

3. Editors

The localized project are formatted to look like a mirror image of the original whenever possible. We also offer DTP services to ensure the formatting will be a mirror image.

4. Project Manager

Our meticulous Project Managers check the project for final details and formatting. They look for any issue no matter how small, that may lead to corruption or incorrect conversion. A copy is then stored in our database for 3 months, so make sure you also save a copy for future needs.

5. Client

Localized project is then delivered to the client with 100% accuracy.

Using the right localization is key to success in new markets!

We specialize in professional localization services for websites, mobile apps, and games. We offer top notch localization services that will delight your target customers and improve brand recognition abroad. Our team is ready to work with you today! Contact us for more information about how we can help you reach new heights with our localization services
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