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In-Person Interpretation (IPI) - Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI)

Interpreting Services

All our interpreters here at eTranslation Services are native speakers, highly qualified, certified, and experienced so that you can be sure of the quality of their work. We provide interpreting services to a wide range of public and commercial organizations that require effective communication to people, regardless of the language they use.

There isn’t a more appropriate time than now to get in touch with eTranslation Services for your interpreting requirements. We’ll help you find the best solution for your company or organization based on your needs. We will reply to your interpretation requests immediately. We have a vast network of interpreters to provide you with the right type of service with a high degree of accuracy and confidentiality.

On-Demand Over-the-Phone Interpretation, Any Time

eTranslation Services provides over-the-phone interpretation (On-Demand OPI) services that allow you to connect to business partners, clients, friends, even a family member who may not speak English. After providing minor details for security, our OPI interpreters can assist you with your interpretation needs in any language at any given time, on-demand. You can also schedule an interpreter for the time that suits you best be it over the phone or through Zoom. We also offer on demand VRI (video remote interpreting) in most languages through our on-demand dashboard.

Don't let language barrier limit your communication

With eTS On-Demand Over-the-Phone Interpreting services, we guarantee that your communication is clear and accurate. You can rely on our professional interpreters to ensure that you and your business colleague, business partner, client, patient, and any person you are conversing with, will understand each other.

We help bridge language barrier – any time, all the time, on demand. Because we know that proper understanding can be a life-changer.

From Afrikaans to Zulu, we got you covered

Here at eTranslation Services, our On-Demand Over-the-Phone interpretation is one of the most requested services, because it is the fastest way to communicate with someone who does not speak English or is not too fluent in the language. We maintain a high standard of service in our telephone interpretation with the help of our network of highly qualified, native-speaking interpreters with subject matter expertise.

Whenever you need OPI, eTranslation Services is here to help:
• Medical and healthcare
• Legal (business, immigration, asylum, examinations under oath)
• Sign language interpretations
• And other general needs for over-the-phone interpretations
Get in touch with us today:
Phone: (800) 882-6058
Email: [email protected]

Professional Interpreter Services at your fingertips

eTranslation Services provides In-Person Interpretation (IPI) services as well as Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI), allowing you to connect to business partners, clients, friends, and even a family member who may not speak English. Our interpreters can assist you with all your interpretation needs.
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Why Choose eTranslation Services for Your Interpreting Needs?

In the field of interpretation, a company’s integrity and reputation depend on the expertise and experience of its linguists. Here at eTranslation Services, we only work with experienced, certified, and highly trained individuals, most of them with subject matter expertise.

We always ensure that we can provide all our clients with accurate and high-quality interpreting services for small groups to large organizations. We carefully match your specific interpreting need with our linguistic expert.

We are ready to level out the interpreting services field with our professional interpreters. All of them possess the following attributes:

  • Vast experience in their field
  • Right credentials
  • Experts in different subject matters
  • Linguistic proficiency
  • Excellent listeners
  • Excellent cognitive, sensory and motor skills
  • Extensive vocabulary in the language pair
  • Culturally aware
  • Emotionally resilient
  • Capable of self-control and stress management


What Our Customers Say

Getting your document translated by one of our translators or booking an interpreter has never been this easy. Here's what our customers say about their experience working with us.