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Why Choose eTranslation Services for Your Game Localization Needs?

In the field of translations, interpretation and localization, a company’s integrity and reputation depend on the expertise and experience of its linguists. Here at eTranslation Services, we only work with experienced, certified, and highly trained individuals, most of them with subject matter expertise.
We always ensure that we can provide all our clients with accurate and high-quality translations, interpreting and localization services for small groups to large organizations. We carefully match your specific need with our linguistic expert.

With the above in mind Localization in games might include:


This includes in-game dialogue, menus, instructions, tutorials, and subtitles.


This includes the game's voice-overs, sound effects, and music.


This includes the game's images, icons, and symbols.

Cultural references

This includes the game's images, icons, and symbols.

Legal and regulatory requirements

Game localization may involve adhering to specific legal and regulatory requirements of the target market.

User Interface (UI):

This includes adapting the user interface elements to suit the target market's language and cultural preferences.

How it works step by step:

At eTranslation Services, over the years we have understood that there are several workflows that game localization teams may use to ensure a smooth and efficient localization process.

1. Analysis and Preparation

In this stage, the localization team analyzes the game's content and requirements, and prepares a plan for the localization process. This may include identifying the target language and audience, estimating the project timeline and cost, and creating a glossary of key terms and phrases.

2. Translation

The game's script and dialogue are translated into the target language by professional translators who have expertise in the gaming industry and cultural nuances. They also adapt the language and dialogue to suit the target audience.

3. Editing and Proofreading

The translated text is edited and proofread to ensure accuracy, consistency, and appropriate language use. This stage may involve several rounds of review and feedback to refine the quality of the localization.

4. Subtitling

The subtitles are timed and placed within the game's user interface or cutscenes. This involves working closely with the game developers to ensure that the subtitles fit within the game's technical constraints and do not interfere with the gameplay experience.

5. Quality Assurance

The localization team conducts extensive testing to ensure that the subtitles are functional, readable, and do not have any errors or inconsistencies. This may involve testing the game on different platforms and devices, as well as with different languages and cultural settings.

6. Delivery and Post-Localization Support

Once the localization is complete, the files are delivered to the game developers for integration into the game.

We are ready to level out the gaming localization services field with our professional translators and localization team . All of them possess the following attributes:


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Our translators and interpreters are experts in legal, medical, marketing, and financial translations and interpretations just to name a few. They have excellent knowledge of English and their target language.

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