eTranslation Services


Customer Service Level Agreement

Our Customer Service Commitment

We’re passionate about delivering excellent service and committed to the following level of service.

eTranslation Services Commits to Providing:

  • translations by qualified and experienced translators that are native speakers and based in their own country.
  • the same translators working on all your projects; where your schedule allows, so a consistent tone is maintained.
  • best practice process recommendations and we’ll seek to anticipate your needs, so we can help make your life easier.
  • a quick review of the content received for translation. If we find any issues, we will report them to you before commencing translation.
  • translations delivered on time and with timely progress updates.

Here’s what we need:

Clear Instructions Before Translation Starts

Please tell us “All of your requirements” before we start translating to avoid any rework or extra costs. If you send us translation feedback after the DTP (Desktop Publishing) work has been completed, implementing these changes will be a lot of extra work. We charge this type of rework at the eTranslation Services hourly rates.

Quality Reviews and Acceptance of Changes and Differences

There is often more than one way to say certain things in some languages. Translations have many correct preferential choices, and while eTranslation Services preferential choices may differ from yours this does not mean that the original translation is wrong or in error.  eTranslation Services will build a translation memory for your projects and from this your preferred styles will be reflected in all future projects. We welcome your feedback during the review stage of your project.

Translation / Local Preferences

Document any special local requirements you have and let us know before we start translation (for example – this is where the translation message is adapted to a specific local market or need.)

If you have specific message, brand or style requirements, the customer must give us very specific instructions and translation guidelines. Sometimes for marketing text there may be a language style or message that the client wants in their translations.

For Example


Do you want us to rigidly keep to the original text, translating and keeping the same content as the original.


Do you want us to move away from the original source to translate a specific message.

If no instructions are given, then the translator will use their best professional judgement in completing your translation.

Timely Feedback

Please answer any project questions quickly and in a timely manner. From time-to-time eTranslation Services will request clarification on the source text by either email or questions on the eTranslation Services cloud software.

Translators will be waiting for the answers to complete the translation. When timely clarifications are not possible eTranslation Services will use their best professional judgement so that the translation can be completed in a timely fashion. We will tell you this when we deliver your translation.

Modifications After Final Delivery

If the customer wants changes after the final project delivery, then these modifications must be typed, consistent within the project and with previous projects. It must have correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and be faithful to the original source text.

If errors must be fixed in your feedback, eTranslation Services will fix them, update the translation and also update our translation memory storage so that quality is maintained.