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Celebrating Christmas Under the New Normal

The celebration of Christmas this year is going to be very different. With the pandemic still around us, many restrictions are still in place. Travel is still restricted, social gatherings are controlled, and physical distancing is still enforced. So, people are left to find creative ways to celebrate one of the year’s most anticipated holiday and share whatever blessings they have with their loved ones.

Having a “new normal Christmas party at home

It’s unthinkable how such a tiny thing that needs a microscope to be seen has the power to put the world almost at a standstill. The coronavirus has curtailed many plans for the Christmas celebration, including holiday travels, reunions, and parties. Many people will be celebrating Christmas alone, away from their family and friends. Lucky are the people who are at home with several family members. The celebration of Christmas will push through, but with safety at the top of many people’s minds. Here are some ideas on how to celebrate at home.

Have an intimate dinner with your immediate family

Since many employees are working from home, you can have an intimate Christmas dinner with your family. Enjoy the pleasure of preparing your favorite home-cooked meals. If you cannot cook, there’s always a food delivery service. Play your favorite Christmas songs and the games you enjoyed when you were a child. If you have children, teaching them some traditional games will help wean them from mobile devices.

Host a virtual party

Use technology to have a party with friends, family or colleagues. Choose a video meeting app. Even from a distance, you can have a celebration, catch up with each other through conversations, watch movies together, play virtual games, and even virtually enjoy your Christmas dinners.

Eat out while observing health protocols

Some restaurants can accept a limited number of customers to ensure physical distancing. If your group or family is under ten, consider booking a restaurant close to your residence and enjoy a fabulous meal together. After meal, be sure to wear facemasks, face shields, sanitize your hands, either with alcohol or wash your hands with soap and water.

While you want to enjoy a lifelong tradition, such as having a Christmas party, you should be thankful and happy that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy this year.

Celebrating Christmas while observing health protocols

Having large parties is not allowed this year to prevent transmission of the virus. We can say that the best option this year is to stay home and be safe. People are yearning to socialize and be with family members and friends this Christmas after almost a year of pandemic fatigue, economic anxiety and isolation.

  • But people are required to observe basic health protocols, meaning social distancing, wearing facemasks and washing or sanitizing hands often. Observing these guidelines when you’re at a party is challenging. So rather than disobeying the rules, it is better to avoid large parties this year.
  • It is all right to have a party outdoors, for a small group, typically with immediate family members. Having guests over is still risky. There is always the tendency to congregate when you have many guests. They shake hands, huddle or exchange friendly kisses. This means removing masks and having close contact, which should not happen.
  • If family members and close relatives live close to you, you can have a meal exchange. Cook your favorite Christmas food and drop off a dish at your relatives’ front doors. Set a time and enjoy a communal Christmas dinner with relatives via video conferencing.
  • Cancel travel plans for the holidays. You can still share the warmth and joy of Christmas by sending presents in advance. Schedule video calls to loved ones, especially the elderly. And think positive. You do not have to go through various security and health checkpoints. You avoid long queues at the airport, and you do not have to spend several hours waiting for your flight, which might be canceled. You do not have to think about whether the hotel room is clean and disinfected.
  • Almost everyone has endured the isolation brought about by the pandemic. While Christmas is supposed to be a joyous event, it is better to endure the sacrifice and keep thinking positively that this pandemic will pass. You can feel the warmth and joy of Christmas by keeping in touch with loved ones virtually, doing good deeds when you can and sharing some of your blessings with the less fortunate.

Avoiding stress this Christmas

If you want to be realistic, 2020 is definitely a stressful year. Everyone has to deal with the pandemic and the uncertainties that come with it. Due to stress, some people end up feeling depressed or anxious.

The situation is something that a person can control. However, the loss of the holiday season can exacerbate the issue. So, what can you do to avoid stress? Positive thinking often looks good on paper, but it isn’t easy to practice.

You do not have to aggravate the situation by overthinking. It is more beneficial to accept that things are beyond your control. You can still enjoy the holidays without too much stress by taking all the positives that the coronavirus brought forth.

Here are some of the things that you can do to ward off stress:

  • Treat yourself or your immediate family to a special dinner from a restaurant that you’ve always wanted to try. Avoid stress by ordering out instead of spending hours shopping for ingredients and cooking.
  • Outsource the things you normally do. Shop online and use delivery services. Find someone who can be your shopper if you need items not available from groceries and supermarkets. But do not forget to give them a tip for their valuable service.
  • In some areas, you can find a cleaning service that will come to your house. They are fully trained and will follow safety and health protocols. They will use your personal cleaning aids to prevent the transfer of the virus.
  • The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts offer gift-wrapping services. If you have to send gifts to several people, think of using their services. You do not have to worry about wrapping the gifts, and you will be helping the organization.
  • Avoid buying too many presents. There are other ways to share. Cook a special dish for a neighbor or bake cookies and other delicacies to share with your neighbors and friends. Choose age-appropriate gifts for people close to you. You do not have to give something to every person you know.
  • Give thanks to the frontliners. Prepare food packs, handmade cards and other things that will show your appreciation for their services.

eTranslation Services is here for you amid the pandemic

We at eTranslation Services continue to provide excellent language services despite the pandemic. Give us a call whenever you need our services via email at [email protected] or by phone at (800) 882-6058.

At this time of the year, we wish all our clients, colleagues and friends across the globe a very Merry Christmas! We pray that you will stay safe, secure and healthy this holiday season.



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