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Looking Forward to Easter Sunday 2021

Easter 2021 is a week earlier this year. It’s been one year since the COVID-19 outbreak and the world is still reeling from its continuing effect. Like last year, 2021’s celebration of Easter will be different.

Despite the many difficulties, consumers prove they are resilient, and many have adjusted their lifestyles to meet the restrictive demands of the new normal. Thus, celebrating Easter this year will still be remarkable yet downsized. Many will miss the traditional activities, while others will create new traditions, which will be more meaningful to them.

The meaning of Easter

About 2.4 billion (2020) Christians worldwide will celebrate Easter on April 4, 2021. The day is the most important among the feast days for Christians. It is the celebration of the resurrection of Christ, after His crucifixion and death. The resurrection of Jesus Christ symbolizes the triumph of good over evil, physical body, death, and sin.

Easter signals the end of Holy Week and the end of Lent.

But the word Easter has an unknown origin. Christians call it Resurrection Sunday or Pascha. The term Pascha comes from Pesach, a Hebrew word meaning Passover. Some historians believe that the term came from the Latin term ”hebdomada alba” which means ”white week.”  In the Old German language, the term evolved into ”esostarum,” the precursor of the term, Easter.

But Venerable Bede (Saint Bede) has another take on the origin of the work. In his writing, he believes Easter is from Eostre, the dawn goddess of fertility for the Anglo-Saxon believers. Early Christians called the celebration by the month when they celebrate the feast – Eosturmonath, the month we now know as April.

The origin of the term does not have much bearing. What is more important is it is a Christian holiday that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Easter Sunday traditions missing in today’s celebration

Like last year, 2021’s celebration of Easter will be significantly different. The restrictions people need to follow strictly because the pandemic still rages, and this means they will have to be more creative.

Many traditional activities, particularly large family gatherings, early morning masses, processions, picnics, fiesta, Easter egg hunts, family outings, and more, will be curtailed.

Depending on where you live, churches may be allowed to celebrate mass but there will be a limit to church attendance. In other areas, the churches will be closed. Traditionally, a few churches in the U.S. have a special service on Easter Sunday. Before COVID-19, the St. Louis Cathedral (New Orleans), the National Cathedral (Washington, D.C.), the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception (Washington, D.C.), and the St. Patrick’s Cathedral (New York City) are usually packed on Easter Sunday. Today, they will have live streaming of their special masses.

Hotels, resorts, and other venues that usually host Easter egg hunts have canceled their events.

Celebrating Easter Sunday during quarantine

Many of the activities to celebrate Easter will push through. But it is safe to say they will be scaled-down versions since physical distancing and quarantine rules take precedence.

Since last year, many people have been coping with physical isolation from other family members and friends. Many people have adapted to the situation and created new Easter activities and modes of celebration.

Most families use Easter as an occasion to hold a family reunion. Many people travel to be with their families for the holiday. Now, Easter church services, family Easter dinners, and games may not be the same.

The holiday traditions will still be there but there will be constraints. Large families usually have an Easter egg hunt for the children. Travel restrictions are still in place, so most families will be staying at home. Thus, limit the egg hunt to your family unit or outside with a few neighbors. Continue observing the basic health protocols, like social distancing, wearing face masks and face shields and frequent hand washing.

Instead of dyeing the eggs, you can order them online. Or you can use plastic or Styrofoam eggs and allow the children to decorate them.

You can coordinate with your neighborhood association and have a large-scale egg hunt with a twist. Instead of hiding eggs, homeowners can have Easter eggs drawn on paper and tape them on their windows. Families can later go out in their cars or bikes and go around the neighborhood to spot as many eggs as they can.

You can still prepare Easter gifts and Easter baskets for family and neighbors. But it will be faster and less tiring to order these things online instead of making them yourself. If you are short on cash, think about scaling down your gifts. You can buy Easter greeting cards and express your Easter greetings in your own words for the people who matter to you the most. Some people may feel lonely because of the quarantine and need words of encouragement more than food and other gift items.

It is still risky to be out in places where large groups of people gather like in supermarkets and groceries. Stay home instead and order your Easter dinner online. Since many people have the same idea, it is better to place your order a few days ahead. It will ensure you have something wonderful to share with your family that will arrive on time.

Prepare special treats for kids. There are so many things you can find online. Look for instructions on how to make fun and wonderful (and edible) gift items that will delight your children.

Many churches hold virtual masses. Consider watching one with your entire family. Arrange a virtual conference after the mass, so you can greet family members and friends who live away from you.

Greet your friends in any language this Easter

The native-speaking translators of eTranslation Services are available to help you greet your friends in any language this Easter. Wherever they may be, they will surely welcome Easter greeting in their language. Make someone feel you care for them, especially if they live alone or far from other friends and family members. You can easily reach us at or at (800) 882-6058 whenever you need high-quality and accurate translation services.

The past year was full of blessings, thanks to you. As we rejoice and remember Christ’s Resurrection, we pray you will be with us this year and beyond. Happy Easter, everyone!


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