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US Independence Day 2021

 Brief History behind US independence day

US Independence Day is a day to remember US history and its roots. America’s independence was declared on July 4th in 1776 which led them down the path of success with the Declaration Of Independence that gave birth to our nation. Celebrating this holiday has always been about honoring those who sacrificed so much for us while also celebrating what it means to be an American!

These celebrations date back to the 18th century with the Constitution providing a legal and governance framework for America after battles in the Revolutionary War broke out against Great Britain in April of 1775. Colonists became more vocal about their desire for freedom during this time period as well; by November they were ready to declare themselves independent from Britain entirely!

Celebrating Independence Day under the new normal

The Fourth of July celebration may look different from the previous years because of an outbreak that has caused countries to cancel their large gatherings. Although some shows are still on, with proper handling and understanding for safety precautions when in contact with COVID-19 virus guidelines.

Other communities still continue with their fireworks displays but they urge community members to watch the show from home or through online or virtual shows. This is in order to prevent big masses that are prohibited by law because of COVID-19, which means people will be safer when watching a firework display at home than out on the street where it can cause injuries.

 On the other hand, to those communities that may have the potential on doing small mass gatherings, a Doctor recommended that if the gathering occurs, social distancing, wearing a mask, and frequently doing hand sanitizing must be done for the prevention of spreading the virus. But, staying at home is the best option to do.

Regarding concerts and outdoor parties, many would recommend staying safely indoors where there might be less chance of catching the virus that’s going around lately (playing music can also make for as much fun!). Of course, if we’re talking about indoor gatherings then streaming services such as Spotify offer some great perks: from listening live at one’s own private bash while never missing any health protocols.

Did you know? Facts about the US Independence Day

Here are some facts about US Independence Day:

1. In the year 1870, US Independence day was actually an unpaid holiday for federal employees. This was declared by Congress. However, this was changed in the year 1938 by Congress. Independence Day is now a paid federal holiday.
2. The declaration was actually only signed by John Hancock and all 53 men from 13 colonies signed it after. 7 among the signers were educated from Harvard.
3. If you look at the original American flag, the stars on it are in a circle, this was made to represent that all of the colonies are equal.
4. The first people who celebrate the first year anniversary were the Philadelphians with a spontaneous celebration, which is stated in the letter of John Adams to his daughter.
5. Fireworks display is a part of the tradition in celebrating independence day, Hotdogs and barbecues are also part of the tradition in celebrating Independence Day.
6. The one who drafted Independence day was Thomas Jefferson who is the third president of the United State.
7. In the year 1776, the population was only 2.5 million people who are living in the new nation comparing to today’s population that has 316 million people.
8. The national bird was supposedly a turkey which was declared by Benjamin Franklin. This was changed when John Adams and Thomas Jefferson recommended the Bald Eagle as the national bird which symbolizes strength, courage, immortality, and freedom.
9. The four presidents namely; John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James roe all died on the fourth

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We wish everyone a Happy Fourth of July!

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