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Are You Ready for Cyber Monday? Its Origin and More About It

cyber monday sale

It’s been only a few days, and you’re primed once again to take out your credit cards and shop for items at decently low prices. It’s a big day for online retailers and online shoppers, through the Cyber Monday sale.

The power of technology and the proliferation of online shops provide shoppers with more ways to find the products they dream of owning.

If you miss buying the items you want on Black Friday, here’s another chance. So, on December 2, try your best to secure some of the most significant Internet-only discounts and deals you can find.

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is an American sales event where most online shops and retailers offer big discounts, focusing on tech products. This means that gadget lovers will have a great day shopping for the tech items they’ve always wanted at slashed down prices.

However, Cyber Monday is not all about electronics, as you can get excellent discounts on fashion items, and fabulous travel deals and vacation packages.

Cyber Monday is not exclusive to the United States as more countries participate in the event, which is very profitable for them because they can sell their stock of electronic gadgets faster. Items on sale include TVs, smartphones, wearables, laptops, tablets, smart home appliances, microwaves and other items with chargers and plugs that connect to power outlets.

Cyber Monday Mechanics

Cyber Monday is on when Monday morning starts and lasts for 24 hours for shoppers. Shopping can be tricky since the online shops start offering discounts at different parts of the day to prevent shoppers’ interest from waning. You can expect people to stay glued to their devices to keep track of deals from their favorite online shops.

There is usually an ongoing sale throughout the day, but other big retailers offer flash sales with a shopping window of a few hours.

Shoppers who have signed up for newsletters have better chances of finding the best deals and the items they want because they receive notifications on the latest offers.

Origin of Cyber Monday

Retailers created a special day to encourage online shopping. National Retail Federation president, Ellen Davis and CommerceNext co-founder Scott Silverman came up with the term. The first time ”Cyber Monday” saw print was in a press release from on November 28, 2005.

But why on Monday? Retailers realize that their sales increase on Mondays, linking it to the fact that in 2008, Internet speeds were not as fast as what is available today, and homes rarely had an Internet connection. So most shoppers do their online shopping when they start the workweek, availing of the faster Internet connections from their offices.

Highly Profitable Discount Sales Event

Many online retailers report that they experience a considerable increase in sales during Cyber Monday. It has been growing exponentially. In 2014, the event generated $2.65 billion and increased slightly to $2.98 billion in 2015. It made a big jump in 2017, with sales reaching $6.59 billion and set a record $7.9 billion last year. On average, each person spends nearly $500 on Cyber Monday shopping.

Benefits of Online Shopping

Technological advancements provide consumers with more tools enabling them to work, communicate and shop. With the introduction of online shops, more consumers gain access to products that are not available in their locations.

Online shopping allows customers to shop during a holiday and still have time to be with their family. They avoid facing traffic jams, jostling from the crowd of people all eager to buy, and avoid waiting in line. They can view and inspect products, compare prices from several shops and make purchases they do not have to carry around as they go from shop to shop while at home or somewhere else.

Shoppers enjoy huge discounts when they shop on Cyber Monday. Moreover, several online stores offer free shipping on top of the price cuts, which is another bonus.

You can prepare for Cyber Monday shopping right now. Make a list of the things you want to buy and visit the online shops where these items are available. You cannot monitor your computer or cellphone all day long. Get price alerts through an app you can download and install on your smartphone. Set it up to send you notifications by entering keywords, product categories, brands or stores.

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