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Customer Care in a Translation Services Agency: Why It’s Important

Many people think that translation services only refer to a transaction where the client sends over the document and receives a translated work in return. However, there are more layers to make it a smooth partnership that will produce the best results. At the center of such is customer service.

A good translation services company does not just offer translation. They must be accessible to all clients who have concerns. As with any business, the driving force of a company is good customer service. This factor alone can create an impact on your business and how people perceive it.

This article is for those who want to know the importance of customer care in a translation services company. We’ll cover the types of customer service you should have, why they’re essential, and other benefits of having a multicultural helpdesk!

What kinds of customer services should one expect from a translation services agency?

A responsive online platform is a start, but it’s not the only way to cater to clients. As you grow your business, you will have people from all walks of life who may be interested in your service. Here are some of the best customer services practices to apply:

Multilingual Customer Service
A translation services agency serves as the bridge between people who have different native languages. Due to this, it only follows that multilingual customer service is readily available for those who aren’t well-versed in English.

A study has found that 80% of the people surveyed who have limited English proficiency prefer to make purchases on websites presented in their native language. Moreover, a whopping 50% of the same people surveyed exclusively buy at sites that contain information in their native language.

This data shows how vital it is to have a team that’s ready to answer in various languages. However, this doesn’t mean that you should specialize in all languages, which may use up your resources. We recommend doing market research and pinpointing the top languages used. You may even refer to your company’s data to determine the countries you get the most inquiries from.

An inquiry left unanswered is a potential client lost. If you keep missing out on them, it can potentially translate to missed revenue for your business.

Quality customer service.
Have you ever encountered those automated responses on websites? These may be efficient in filtering and quickly answering basic queries, but they do not always offer the best solutions for customers.

Aim for quality customer service by training your team to address all concerns. A chatbot can only go so far when it comes to answering questions with its programmed answers. There are specific questions that may be a bit more complicated, calling for human intervention.

It is also crucial to train your team well. Rather than reading off the script, make sure your representatives have a well-rounded foundation with customer satisfaction as its goal. They should offer responsive, relevant, and accurate information while maintaining politeness and courtesy at all times.

Why is customer satisfaction important?

You probably already know that customer satisfaction is essential, but here are some rock-solid reasons why you should make it a top priority.

Customer satisfaction affects your brand image.
Have you ever thought about buying something but then you read a few bad reviews online? Negative feedback is a quick way to lose interested clients.

Your customer service team sets the tone for your brand. If they are hotheaded and impatient, they may go head-to-head with equally angry clients. In effect, they will relay the lousy customer service to their peers, which creates a ripple effect.

Create a comprehensive communication strategy so that your team will know how to handle clients well. The way they communicate will reflect how your brand is perceived, so be sure to establish the tone for your representatives.

Good customer service increases revenue.
The lifeblood of every business is revenue. It is what keeps the wheels turning in any company. You are certainly going to see an improvement in income if you pay attention to customer satisfaction.

Did you know that customers are keen to pay 17% more for a brand that has a good reputation? Consumers are more likely to pay more for a company that offers better customer service. After all, a positive transaction travels to the client’s peers and even leads to repeat purchases.

An analysis by Bain & Company even found that companies that provide stellar customer service see a 4-8% growth in revenue.

It builds brand loyalty and trust.
A well-trained customer support team will make customers feel confident and reassured. Customers can tend to feel anxious, which is where skilled customer representatives can put them at ease.

Aim to limit pushy and over-the-top sales talk and create responsive interactions with customers. It is also important to stay transparent and honest. If there are any hiccups or problems with the service, the representative should be clear about it. This honesty will be rewarded as a study has found that nearly all customers are loyal to transparent businesses about what they do.

Did You Know? Benefits of Having a Multicultural Help Desk

Diversity matters, especially in a business that serves a diverse market. Companies that offer diversity are 35% more likely to outperform their customers! This especially applies to the customer service of a translation services agency.

The more diverse your team is, the better they can connect with a variety of customers. They will know how to connect them better with your brand.

Moreover, it creates a culture of continuous learning in your company. Most millennials even say that they become more actively engaged when the company they work for has an inclusive culture. Thus, this creates a better working environment that can positively affect your business.

Respond Quickly to Customer Demands – Contact Us!

eTranslation Services closely follows changes and developments in the translation industry and the demands of the global market.  Customer care is crucial for a translation service agency and we put all our efforts into delivering high-quality work on time and within budget.  Trust us to provide you with the most accurate translation of your documents, handled by professional and native-speaking linguistic and subject matter experts to ensure that your messages are communicated properly and effectively. Contact us immediately when you need translation services. Call us at (800) 882-6058 or send us an email at [email protected].


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