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Top 5 Websites and Apps for Language Learning

Learning a language can be confusing at first, given all of the resources that are readily available online. It can be challenging to find one that will match your study style.

While no one knows the actual number of languages, there are thousands upon thousands. Most languages, like our own ancestors, are divided into families. Most modern languages, including Spanish, English, and Russian, are descended from Indo-European.

You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re looking to learn a new language this year. We’ll show you the top five language learning apps and websites to help you learn a language efficiently.


DuoLingo has been around for quite a while, and it has even merited a few memes online due to its casual and user-friendly interface. Even when compared to premium programs, Duolingo’s content is so superb that it ranks among the top language learning software.

While Duolingo teaches dozens of languages, some are more difficult than others. If you’re learning Spanish as an English speaker, for example, you’ll find a podcast, interactive short tales, and even meetups with other students (which are online-only in light of COVID-19). More specialized languages, on the other hand, do not have as much content. Nonetheless, Duolingo is one of the greatest language learning programs for learning a new language or enhancing existing ones.

How does DuoLingo work?

If you already have some understanding of the languages, there may be a placement test when you first start, depending on the language. You may be able to skip some of the more basic classes, such as learning simple terms and verb conjugations, if you take the placement test.

Of course, you may always begin over from the beginning. You can also study as many languages as you wish at the same time and switch between them at any time.

Although you can go back to a lesson you’ve already completed and re-do it at any time, you should proceed in chronological order. Words and concepts from past lessons reappear as you continue. Words that are newly added are highlighted.

After you’ve finished a certain learning material, you can take a practice test.

Pros & Cons of DuoLingo


  • Free
  • User-friendly interface
  • Structured learning


  • Quantity of learning materials for lesser-known languages.


Beelinguapp is a reading app that you might want to try. It’s a quality app with 12 different languages supported and tons of intriguing reading material. It includes both translations and audio recordings of the readings. In-app purchases and other upsells are available in Beelinguapp, but they aren’t required. Try out the free option, which is one of the best free language-learning apps available right now.

Beelinguapp fulfills a number of criteria. The app is available for free. Both Android and iOS versions of the software are available. Both the software and the readings it provides are of great quality. However, it only concentrates on reading and comprehension.

How does Beelinguapp work?

Beelinguapp, like many other language apps, operates on a freemium model. You can get a lot out of the program for free, and you can pay a little fee to remove adverts or unlock a few extra features. You have access to all features and settings in the free edition, but not to every single text in Beelinguapp’s catalog. You only obtain a small number of them, despite the fact that they are plentiful.

Pros & Cons of Beelinguapp


  • Aids in reading text in foreign languages
  • A lot of free materials
  • Provides resources for 23 languages


  • Confusing premium plans and pricing


Busuu offers language learning lessons for beginners, primary students, and intermediate students. You can jump to any lesson you desire and keep track of their development all on one page.

On Busuu, you can also use the Social function to chat with native speakers of the language you’re learning. This form of language exchange allows you and the other person to learn a new language by conversing in it.

There are many free language learning sessions available, but you may upgrade to Busuu Premium or Premium Plus for additional benefits.

How does Busuu work?

There are many free language learning sessions available, but you may upgrade to Busuu Premium or Premium Plus for additional benefits.

Pros & Cons of Busuu


  • Has a placement test that gauges your will
  • Structured and challenging lessons


  • Limited selection of languages
  • Free version does not offer advanced lessons


HelloTalk is a language learning app that allows you to practice the language you want to learn. It connects native speakers of a language with individuals who are learning the language, and vice versa. You can find Italian people who are learning English, for example, if you are a native English speaker studying Italian.

Although the software is successful in connecting individuals, it lacks lessons, exercises, quizzes, and other learning aids. It’s an intriguing app if you don’t mind the unstructured environment. Editors’ Choices Duolingo and Memrise are more structured free language learning programs.

Pros & Cons of HelloTalk


  • Provides a platform for interactions
  • Has native language speakers


  • Lack of structure in learning content
  • The quality of native speakers is volatile


Memrise is another free language learning tool that teaches you how to recall every subject you encounter. Memrise supplies some of these courses, while others are produced by individuals like you.

There are a lot of languages to choose from, and you can go to any course you like; you don’t have to go in order from beginning to end. As you complete courses, you get points, and there’s a leaderboard to keep you motivated to keep studying and competing with other members.

Memrise also allows you to form study groups with other people you know.

Pros & Cons of Memrise


  • Strong learning structure for beginners
  • Quality content
  • Customizable content


  • User-generated content is not quality checked

We hope that this article will help you find the app or website to help with language learning!

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