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5 reasons why you should use a remote video interpreter

Remote video interpreters have gradually established themselves as essential to every global organization. They are now serving as a reliable medium of interaction between people belonging to different linguistic backgrounds. At the same time, people appreciate that remote interpretation services are cost-effective and save you from the risk of traveling in these testing times. Moreover, the virtual nature of these interpretation services further promises innumerable benefits that are becoming a part of this new normal.

If you are still finding it hard to comprehend the utility of hiring a remote video interpreter, keenly go through this article to find answers to your questions.

What is the role of an interpreter in your online events?

Whether you are hosting a global healthcare seminar or you are organizing a webinar, a multilingual conference, or a governmental event, you will indeed require the services of a professional remote video interpreter.

For instance, imagine yourself as a native American listening to a native Chinese trainee attending a critical video conference on Google Meets, Skype, or Zoom. Would you be able to draw meaning out of his words? Would you be able to assist him effectively? Under these circumstances, a remote video interpreter comes to your rescue.

Similarly, the entire world is resisting the need to travel from one part of the world to another. As a result, the availability of interpreters has become a significant issue for almost all global companies. A remote video interpreter serves as a considerable alternative in that case. From saving your time and money to providing top-notch interpretation services, a remote video interpreter stays just a call away to serve you in time of need.

Precisely, we may conclude that a remote video interpreter takes care of the following aspects in your online events.

  • It helps you avail the opportunity to interact, learn and teach to people belonging to different linguistic backgrounds
  • Is just a call away from serving you
  • It saves your time and money
  • Attends to his commitments on time
  • It is an ideal option for interpretation services required for telemedicine and telehealth.

How do you organize having an interpreter in your meeting?

 The advancements in information and technology have made it easier for people to stay organized online. Keeping this in view, the presence of a remote video interpreter in your online events never gives you a hard time organizing. However, to make things relatable, here is a step-by-step guide for those planning to do this type of video conference for the first time.

Step 1: Make sure that the internet connection working on both sides is reliable.

Step 2: Discuss the event’s details with your interpreter beforehand and make him aware of the format or the order of events that you have planned to follow.

Step 3: Connect to the remote video interpreter a day before the actual event and rehearse to avoid audio overlapping or miscommunication. It will further help you improve your coordination while giving you a better idea of how things need to be managed.

Step 4: Repeat, rehearse and discuss to bring perfection to your coordination. After all, things will take some time to synchronize.

Step 5: Finally, do not forget to analyze the capabilities of the remote video interpreter if you are dealing with him for the first time. In case your doubts do not dissipate, dare to change your mind in time. Prioritize your event and seek references to hire an experienced remote video interpreter.

Follow these steps to conduct a successful online event for multilingual attendees.

Did you know? Qualities that make a good interpreter

Developing business organizations are reluctant to step into the world of globalization majorly because they are reluctant to find the right interpreter. If you are also finding it hard to make this decision, let us guide you with our experience and expertise.

Here is a list of qualities that you must look up to when finding a good interpreter.

1. Exceptional Memory

Interpreters with strong memory are known for their ability to provide accurate interpretation. Hunt for this characteristic; it will help you find the best interpreter near you.

2. Cultural Familiarity

Words, instances, situations, and circumstances have a lot to do with culture. Therefore, the interpreter you choose must be aware of the cultural worth and impact of words related to the concerned languages.

3. Emotional Expression

Literal interpretation is often criticized for the lack of emotional expression. To make up for this flaw, a virtual interpreter must possess this ability. Honestly, experienced interpreters with a strong portfolio are preferred for the presence of emotional expression.

4. Language-Specific Vocabulary

A skilled interpreter deals in several different languages as a part of his work routine.  However, his hectic routine can never justify his inability to use meaningless or irrelevant words while providing interpretation services for an online event. Attentively assess this aspect to choose a sensible online interpreter.

5. Fluence

Video Remote Interpretation services are mainly required for events that last for a few hours only. Keeping this in view, the interpreter you choose must be fluent and accurate to avoid unnecessary delays and ambiguities. Never settle for anything less than the best.


Globalization and interaction collaborate to drive success, and a skilled interpreter serves as a bridge in between. However, the presence of worldwide travel restrictions and the dwindling economic conditions has greatly affected the availability of interpreters worldwide.  Under these regulations, the demand for a remote video interpreter has shown a steady rise despite the ambiguity of choosing the best out of a million professionals.

Follow the tips to make a sensible decision in this regard. Then, if you are still searching,  get in touch with us via email at [email protected] or call us at (800) 882-6058 and we will connect you to the best on-demand remote video interpreter. Yes, finding your desired professional interpreter is now as easy as that.

Here at eTranslation Services, we work only with interpreters and translators who are native speakers and have years of experience behind them. It is our mission to deliver the best language service to all our clients. Thus, we see to it that we assign projects to the right linguistic expert. Try us and get ready to pave your way to globalization, where profit and popularity await you.





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