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Adapting to the New Normal

COVID-19, the current global health scare created a new environment for everyone, from individuals, families, communities, governments, corporations, and organizations. Everyone will be facing something new – the new normal.

The “new normal” is not new, per se. It’s a business term that’s been around for several years. But with what is happening around the world due to COVID-19, the new normal setting will become our normal mode of operation.

A brief history of the term “new normal”

A dictionary defines new normal as an unfamiliar situation in the past that now becomes the standard, expected or usual.

Seventeen years ago, in 2003, private equity investor and venture capitalist Roger McNamee coined the term. He was describing a setting wherein possibilities will be available to people who are willing to play long term with the new rules of the game. He stated that in the new normal, doing things right is the most crucial, rather than yielding to the oppression that urgency brings.

He further explains that in the new normal setting, it will take longer for things to grow. You can grow rich if you take things slowly. People have to focus on how to execute great ideas. Roger McNamee added that if someone respects the new rules, there would be plenty of opportunities to make money and boost your company’s growth.

How the world will prepare and respond to the new normal

In an article, the suggestions for world recovery involve five stages starting from winning the coronavirus battle: resolve, resilience, return, reimagination, and reform, in that order.

It is inevitable that many changes will take place after the world conquers COVID-19. Many companies will offer work-from-home opportunities to their employees. Some will have four-day workweek or reduce their workforce.

Corporations and organizations are busy putting up action plans after the health crisis. Experts are coming up with suggestions on how to respond to the new normal. Here are some tips.


You will not know how to respond to the new normal immediately. It will take some time to experiment and implement options that work. Companies will have to adapt and create new methods of working. They need to find what works best for the company and their employees, which will help them to build a more resilient and stronger enterprise. They can examine their technical tools and see if they can use some of them in different ways. They may find that a virtual working environment will be better as they can harness the most productive times of their employees.

Request feedback

It is vital to get feedback from employees and clients alike. They will be affected by the changes and they may have good ideas that you can implement as well. It is vital to consider that some solutions not working for your employees will not work for your customers, too.

Communication is vital

In the early stages of the new work routines, those working from home may feel isolated from the company and their co-workers. Companies should schedule regular workshops and team meetings, so the middle management leaders can frequently confer with employees, give support and update them about what is happening in the office.

Use all lines of communication – email, phones, video chats, and conference calls. Likewise, employees should learn to use project management tools for streamlining workflow, identifying deliverables, and collaborating and interacting with team members.

Consulting experts

Sometimes it is difficult to view the situation when you are too close to it. Experts provide an objective view. With their cross-industry experience and knowledge, they can analyze your situation, identify your needs and come up with solutions tailor-fit to your organization.

Follow through with the changes

The new normal will be more or less permanent. Digital technology will be a key corporate investment. It will be difficult to go back to the traditional way of doing things. It is best to adapt and learn new ways to run a business. Business owners should prepare for a more dynamic environment. They should embrace the change, be smarter in doing business and use the challenges and new directions to build a more competitive edge against business rivals.

People around the world will have to welcome the changes and work within new environments if they want to succeed. While preparing for the new normal, businesses should carefully analyze business data and welcome the better ideas that they can apply to every level of their business operation.

They need to study and find solutions for the following:

  • Workforce
  • Crisis management
  • Tax and trade
  • Supply chain
  • Brand and strategy
  • Finance and liquidity

How can service companies help in the new normal?

The methods to adapt to the new normal are not going to be in the form of one standard package. Each type of business has its operational procedures. Companies will all follow the new standards, such as the wearing of facemasks, thermal scanning before entry into a building, office or store, providing alcohol or hand sanitizers and maintaining a one-meter distance from the next person. Everyone must adjust to the new rules.

Businesses and organizations are still coming up with the protocols to prepare for entry into the new normal after battling the coronavirus.

Until a vaccine and other medication against coronavirus become available, companies, including those providing essential services, should provide their clients and customers assurance about the safety of their services and products. They should see to it that they have guidelines to safeguard the safety and health of their employees, revive demand for their services, become more adaptable and flexible, and offer digital channels to access their services.

Adapting to the situation and creating new opportunities will go a long way for service companies to help their customers. Creativity is essential in the new normal. Companies should seize the opportunities to present themselves and improve on their capabilities and methods that work.

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