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What Is On-Demand Phone Interpreting?

Whether you are into global business or serving multiethnic communities, language can be a barrier. Linguistic diversity opens several opportunities for language services providers to cater to the different needs of customers and clients. In the realm of interpretation, on-demand phone interpreting is becoming a preferred option for its flexibility and cost-efficiency.

Not only large businesses benefit from on-demand phone interpreting. Individuals, such as those who frequently travel overseas, small business owners, and other people who need immediate access to an interpreter, will appreciate on-demand phone interpreting services as well.

Over-the-phone interpretation at your fingertips

In the United States, residents speak about 350 languages. Many people living in the U.S. have limited proficiency in the English language, and many speak their native language when they are at home. Most of the people who do not speak English or with limited English proficiency (LEP) are marginalized. The language barrier prevents them from receiving healthcare and other social services, as they are afraid that English speakers will not be able to understand them.

But with the Affordable Care Act mandate, more people who speak different languages have access to healthcare and various social services because the facilities must provide language services, one of which is on-demand phone interpreting.

The medical and healthcare industry, including the pharmacies, are just some of the many business sectors that benefit from on-demand phone interpreting services.

On-demand phone interpreting is easy to access. A client signs up with a provider and creates an account. The client calls a toll-free number, provides the account number and the language pair they need. The customer care staff gathers the pertinent information, such as what topic to discuss, and connects the client to a professional interpreter.

The service is a cost-efficient way to provide interpreting services to your clients who do not speak English. You only pay for the time that the interpreter and the client spend talking. Some providers charge by the minute while others charge by the second.

Immediate access to more than 300 languages

On-demand phone interpreters are located worldwide. Experts in over 300 language pairs provide interpreting services remotely. The service is available every day of the year. Clients do not have to pay monthly fees or a minimum usage fee.

Clients receive high-quality service from professional interpreters, many of whom are trained in specific subject matters. They understand medical and scientific terminology, legal parlance, business, and finance terms, and IT terms. They are often experts in local culture as well. All phone interpreters sign a no-disclosure agreement to ensure that the client’s privacy and data security are maintained.

On-demand over the phone interpreters

Proper communication is critical in global business, and on-demand over-the-phone interpreters facilitate individual communication. With on-demand over-the-phone interpreting, you can immediately connect to an interpreter when the need arises. For sensitive gender-related discussions, the client can request a male or female interpreter.

Phone interpreters provide the same high-quality service to any client in any language. Aside from its critical importance to the medical and healthcare industry, you can use on-demand over-the-phone interpreting for discussing partnerships, general business, contracts, and product specifications.

You do not need special equipment to access the service. You can connect with a phone translator through a landline, a mobile app, or online. With the technological advancements in communication and Internet access, it is quite easy to connect with a trained professional over-the-phone interpreter any time of the day, any day of the year.

Qualifications of an on-demand phone interpreter

Phone interpreters are highly trained individuals. They are subject matter experts in legal, medical, hospital, business, law, finance, and more.

Professional service providers build a network of trained interpreters who have professional work experience. Many of these providers employ phone interpreters with at least three years of consecutive experience handling various business sectors, such as airlines, law firms, banks, and hospitals.

They should be familiar with the source and target cultures and have an extensive vocabulary for the language pair. Phone interpreters should be able to express the thoughts concisely and clearly in the language pair.

Over-the-phone interpreters who are specialists in medical interpreting, provide HIPAA-compliant services.

Internationally or locally, you can access ETS on-demand phone interpreters

eTranslation Services is ready to face the challenge of the need for on-demand phone interpreting services due to the ongoing health crises worldwide. We have a vast network of professional interpreters who are native speakers of mainstream and rare languages. With our system, we can serve your personal interpreting needs, whether you require over-the-phone medical interpreters, business interpreters, or legal interpreters. We help the government, social services, financial services, fire, police and emergency services, insurance, telecommunications, hospitality, tourism and travel industry, education, and transportation. With access to our on-demand phone interpreting services, you can be sure that you can have accurate communication at any time, 365 days of the year. Please get in touch with us via email at [email protected] or call us at (800) 882-6058.


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