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How to make online events include remote simultaneous interpretation?

What is remote simultaneous interpretation?

The global pandemic COVID-19 caused a wide array of challenges and obstacles in all fields and sectors. The industry of translation is one of them. While in the past the simultaneous interpretation was leading the way in interpreting a speaker’s words into another language in real-time and physically present at the venue, now we have a “thanks-to-the-pandemic” variant of it – the remote simultaneous interpretation. Or, better, an enlivened variant of it.

Remote simultaneous interpretation (usually used in short as RSI, including henceforth) is the same practice of interpreting the words of the other person in real-time, but from a remote location. The only pieces of equipment you need to make RSI happen are a smartphone, a laptop, a headset, and, of course, an Internet connection.

When can it be used?

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation is a perfect solution for international conferences, events, web meetings, governmental sessions, multilingual sessions, etc. By using it, you save money and time whilst you improve the ease of access and create a wider familiarity among speakers and delegates in conferences.

When it comes to panel discussions, RSI operates very well, with no restriction on the number of language combinations used.

Various RSI platforms provide video conference alone, and incorporation with video conferencing products, like Skype, Zoom, GoToMeeting and others.

If you are organizing a seminar where technical topics will be discussed, guaranteeing adequate knowledge and effective training involves a good understanding of the host’s language. And that is why the best way to ensure the proper understanding of the topic is to incorporate Remote Simultaneous Interpretation.

RSI can also be used for minor meetings, removing thus the language barriers, and enhancing efficiency and confidence within international businesses enabling the regionals team members a bigger opportunity to communicate with more confidence in their native language.

How can I set up a simultaneous interpretation for an online meeting?

Now that it is crystal clear to you what remote simultaneous interpretation is, let us proceed by explaining the way you can set up an SI for an online meeting.

First and foremost, you have to hire an experienced and skilled language expert in the field of your industry. He will listen to what participants say in a source language and in real-time interprets it to a target language. There is a great advantage of this is that everything is done online, no matter where you are, where the interpreter is, and other participants are out there in the world.

Secondly, the precise method differs on the nature of the event you are arranging. Anyhow, most interpreting service providers use an RSI platform based on the cloud with the possibility of incorporating numerous software, tools, and products, such as Google Meets, Zoom, Skype and others. There also companies that provide separate conference interpreters.

Thirdly, participants of the event, together with interpreters, can see and hear who is speaking. Subsequently, the interpreter (or interpreters, if you decided to have more than one) will translate the words spoken in real-time, via a cloud-based platform. And for this, specialists of the service provider must be equipped with high-level microphones and headsets.

The speech of an interpreter is transmitted via a cloud, and the listeners can choose a language they want to hear by connecting to the RSI platform – all they need is a device with an internet connection.

Did you know? The benefits of having language interpreters for your online events

There are various benefits of using remote simultaneous interpretation and having language interpreters for online events. Below are some of them:

Enhanced adaptability – ofttimes, press conferences, webinars, and other events must be organized at a quick announcement. Using RSI means that you can provide various languages to your audience at whatever time, at whatever place. It also enhances access to interpreters who speak rare languages.

Decreased expenses – using RSI can also be beneficial to reduce the costs of organizing an important event.

Bigger space – Remote Simultaneous Interpretation removes the need for all the interpreter equipment, which therefore frees up important space, and which can be used for other purposes.

Less “to-do” tasks to tick off – since you do not need to organize travel, accommodation, and other stuff for language experts and interpreters, the host can concentrate on the most important task: to book the most qualified, the most experienced, and the most skilled interpreters for their event.

Get in touch with the experts when you need interpreting services

Here at eTranslation Services, we work only with interpreters and translators who are native speakers and have years of experience behind them. It is our mission to deliver the best language service to all our clients. Thus, we see to it that we assign projects to the right linguistic expert. If you have a conference, seminar, workshop or business meeting coming up that needs interpreting services, please get in touch with us via email at [email protected] or call us at (800) 882-6058 so we can discuss your requirements.



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