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What Interpreting format is right for you in a post-pandemic world?

Post pandemic world stresses the need to look for contactless alternatives for all your personal and professional needs. In that case, video interpretation is considered an ideal option where cost, preparation time, and convenience is valued. So let us now dig into the details of this worthy topic.

Video,  phone,  face to face Interpreting, what are their Pros and Cons

Interpretation services are the backbone of every business organization that has recently jumped on the bandwagon of globalization. These services are currently offered in three different formats depending upon the distinct requirements of the hiring authorities.

Let’s talk about these processes while discussing their Pros and Cons.

1. Face to face interpretation

Face-to-face interpretation happens when multilingual speakers and interpreters are physically present in the same meeting room. The Pros and cons of this format are listed below.


  • Clarity, correctness, and effectiveness of the conversation is ensured
  • Trusted interpreters are hired who have already been working with the company for so long
  • Real-time interpretation improves understanding and is highly suited to demanding environments with no room for mistakes or misconceptions.


  • Interpreters are mostly hired every month.
  • Interpretation sometimes consumes too much of your time and effort
  • The management cost is sometimes higher than expected

2. Phone interpretation

In this type of interpretation, speakers and interpreters interact on call to aid understanding. The Pros and cons of this format are discussed below.


  • It serves as a cost-effective option.
  • It is convenient and requires little or no preparation.


  • The clarity and correctness of the conversation can be compromised
  • It is suitable for simple environments where 100% accurate interpretation might not be needed

3. Video Interpretation

Video interpretation has become a popular choice in post-pandemic times. Speakers and interpreters prefer this contactless form of interpretation and connect via video call on professional online platforms like Zoom, Google Meets, or Skype. Let us now have a look at its pros and cons.


  • It is recommended in post-pandemic times.
  • It saves you from the hassle and cost of traveling
  • It requires little or no preparation
  • It is available around the clock
  • It is equally helpful for the deaf and the dumb
  • It is sometimes cheaper than other modes of interpretation.


  • It is not as reliable as face to face interpretation
  • Network connectivity issues sometimes cause unnecessary delays
  • Voice overlapping may lead to conflicts and misunderstandings

Communication during the pandemic time

Pandemic has taken a toll on face to face communication, even though empathy, interaction, and socialization is an unavoidable need of the hour. People have gradually adapted to the protocols of this new normal. Hence, various social media platforms and interactive messaging applications have experienced a constant rise in demographics.

Enterprises and other business entities have now become habitual to the idea of using telemarketing to stay in touch with their clients and customers. However, global organizations are still finding it hard to cater to the diversity of the audience. Moreover, facts suggest that the unavailability of an in-house interpreter has made it problematic for organizations to provide effective answers to various on-call complaints and queries from different parts of the world.

As a result, sensible organizations are still finding ways to improve the following significant aspects of communication. Let us shed some light on them.

1. Clarity

Whether you opt for video or on-call interpretation services, clarity of the context suffers the most. It is undoubtedly because most remote interpreters are hired temporarily to provide their services for a specific event only. Hence, they are not much aware of the workplace environment and business dynamics.

This issue, in turn, affects client dealings and may lead to miscommunication of some sort. Therefore, always stay aware of making such mistakes unintentionally. A good idea is to plan and discuss events with your remote interpreter beforehand.

2. Correctness

The lack of personal interaction makes it difficult for the interpreter to identify the actual context of the conversation. The attendees, on the other hand, are unable to understand what the other person is saying. In that case, they entirely rely on what is being interpreted by the remote interpreter. This can lead to misunderstandings and miscommunication and can potentially cause a huge business loss.

To avoid facing such an unfortunate situation, consult a trustworthy remote interpreter. It is preferred to work with individuals who know your working ethics and have personally interacted with you.

3. Effectiveness

The absence of correctness and clarity ultimately impacts the effectiveness of the interpreted conversation. Sometimes the confusions are pretty socialization visible and are thus identified and cleared timely.  However, most employers blindly trust their interpreters and cannot draw meaning out of the ongoing session.

There again, experienced remote interpreters must be your first choice, no matter what.

Keeping people safe and informed during the pandemic

The outbreak of the covid-19 epidemic calls for staying safe and informed. But how is it possible when the entire world is staying indoors?

Well, technology has made it possible for us to stay safe and informed without stepping out regularly. Do you want to know how? The details are mentioned right here.

1. Public service messages by telecommunication channels

Public service messages channeled by telecommunication authorities have been circulating from the beginning. These messages play a significant role in keeping people alert and aware of the current situation.

2. News and Media

News channels and Media have also contributed to spreading the word. However, most people have been influenced by the disclaimers and constant guidelines broadcasted on every television channel.

3. Social media

Influences and social media enthusiasts have started awareness campaigns and have informed people about the need to follow SOPS religiously for their well-being.

4. Socialization

The work-from-home routine has put an end to all outdoor activities. However, people are still staying in touch via social media platforms which keeps them informed about the no-go areas where the spread of the virus has gone out of control.

Precisely, covid-19 has brought a revolutionary change in the way we attend to our interpretive needs. Thanks to technology and networking for keeping us connected despite all odds.

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