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Language Translation Trends in 2021

When there is a major crisis, everyone learns to rethink and adapt, as it affects their jobs and their lives. Often the crisis becomes an impetus for long-lasting change and personal or business growth. The past year has definitely tested the governments’ and the people’s resolve, with many people, governments, and institutions rallying not to show their weakness, but to discover their strengths and support one another. The health crisis that gripped the world accelerated varied approaches to business, including customer service, collaboration with each other, and working with suppliers. Among the many trends, we see coming up are the language-translation trends that will shape the industry this year.

Language translation trends

With most translators working from home, translation service providers were able to adapt quickly to the situation. The working conditions are more agile, as different industries shifted to digital access and remote work.

Businesses right now are facing flattened structures as bureaucracy is reduced and the workforce is taking initiative, creating a dynamic network of productive teams rather than dealing with a hierarchy of middle and top executives. Functional teams are empowered. They work together to reach measured and tracked objectives. Likewise, they are clear about finding better solutions that will have a positive effect on employees and customers, with a range of language services that are becoming more in demand.

  • There will be more companies that will require localization services to provide better services to global customers who will be conducting more business online.
  • The process will create a more emotional response from consumers, as products and advertisements will fit local audiences worldwide. Transcreation will try to increase consumer conversions through creative copywriting, with businesses presenting their evocative messages in the local language.
  • Video translation. The video translation service will also feature more this year, as more video content is consumed since most people were confined to their homes due to the health crisis. Videos on web pages increase traffic. Thus, there is more demand for videos to sell different products and services, particularly from companies that are exploring global markets. The market for video translation services is expected to grow bigger in 2021.
  • Training and education translation. The height of the pandemic and the ensuing health protocols, including global lockdowns, prompted many industries to reduce their workforces. Some businesses were not able to stay afloat, causing the layoff of many workers. Children and young adults who are still in school were forced to have online classes. The pandemic is not yet over. But economies have to re-open. Many displaced workers moved on to do other things. Companies have to hire new people and students have to continue their academic training. With online classes the norm right now, you can expect translation services to receive a higher volume of orders to translate education and training materials. Most of the requests will come from public schools, online universities, vocational schools, webinars, specialized training centers, and professional development organizations, among others.

What are the most in-demand languages for 2021?

Roughly 7,100 languages are spoken worldwide, but there are a handful of languages that are in-demand when it comes to translation projects. These languages are the most commonly used languages if you’re speaking about global business growth. They are also used for marketing content. Most in-demand languages across different sectors include:

  • English
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Spanish
  • Arabic
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Hindi

The languages that are in demand are mostly regular languages that figure in various lists, but you should not forget the rising languages that have the potential to enjoy higher demand in a few years. We’re talking about Turkish, Italian, and several Asian languages, such as Bengali, Urdu, Indonesian, Farsi, Vietnamese, Farsi, Thai, and Korean.

What industries need the most translation jobs done?

Global industries need translation services, from technical documentation to patents and user manuals. Businesses will need expert legal translations for their various business activities. The healthcare industry is also another area where translation has become more important given the ongoing pandemic.

While the health scare continues to permeate various industry sectors, the world experiences growth in financial technology (fintech) because more people are using online payments and transactions, domestically and internationally. Fintech solutions are needed by people who do not maintain bank accounts so that they can pay for the goods and services they order online.

Another industry that will require more translation services is the blockchain industry. Many governments are developing blockchain strategies to modify operations and minimize bureaucracy.

You can likewise expect providers of software-as-a-service (SaaS) to require additional translations as they try to provide varied solutions for different businesses. Life science is another area where the translation will be critical, as the popularity of healthcare apps and telehealth devices increases. The industry needs to comply with healthcare protocols and provide effective communication among stakeholders.

The packaging industry will be reaching revenues of about $1 trillion this year. Global collaboration must happen so that the industry could sustain its growth.

Opportunities for language translators and interpreters

Many industries and organizations with a multicultural workforce and target markets will increase their need for translation services. Business, financial services, healthcare, education, communication, information technology, media, personal and professional development, content creators, manufacturing, sports, and tourism and hospitality are most likely to require translators and interpreters more than ever this year. Many of the work will be done online, in lieu of in-person meetings due to the implementation of health protocols.

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