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How Subtitles Enhance Viewer Experience


A recent study has shown that 78% of people watch TV with the sound off. This is due to a number of reasons: they don’t want to disturb others, they’re trying to multitask, or they have hearing impairments. But regardless of the reason, the trend is clear – more and more people are watching TV with the sound off.

This presents a problem for content creators. If the majority of viewers are watching without sound, how can they ensure that viewers are understanding and engaging with their content? The answer is subtitles. By incorporating subtitles into their content, content creators can be sure that viewers are getting the full experience, regardless of whether they have the sound on. Let’s take a look at a few ways subtitles enhance viewer experience.

What is subtitling?

Subtitling is the process of adding text to a video in order to provide viewers with additional information. This text can be in the form of dialogue, but it can also include things like sound effects and character names. Subtitles are usually displayed at the bottom of the screen, and they typically appear and disappear very quickly.

What is the importance of subtitles?

The importance of subtitles lies in their ability to provide viewers with information that they might otherwise miss. This is especially important for viewers who are watching with the sound off. But even for viewers who have the sound on, subtitles can be helpful in providing additional information, such as character names and sound effects.

How does subtitling help your videos and viewers?

There are many ways in which subtitles can help your videos and viewers.  First, as we mentioned before, subtitles can help to ensure that viewers understand and engage with your content. Studies have shown that adding subtitles to videos can increase viewer engagement by up to 12%.

In addition, subtitles can also help to improve the overall quality of your video. This is because subtitles can help to cover up any errors in the audio track, such as background noise or muffled dialogue. By incorporating subtitles into your videos, you can be sure that viewers are getting the best possible experience.

Finally, subtitle files can also be used to generate transcripts of your videos. These transcripts can then be used for things like closed captioning or search engine optimization (SEO). Transcripts are a great way to make your content more accessible and to ensure that it reaches the widest possible audience.


Benefits of Using Subtitles

Subtitles Encourage More Viewership

A lot of people avoid turning on the sound when they’re watching TV because they don’t want to disturb others. Whether they’re watching in a shared space like a living room or at work, many people feel more comfortable keeping the sound off so as not to bother those around them. But this means that they’re missing out on a lot of great content!

Incorporating subtitles into your content ensures that more people will watch it, even if they have the sound off. This way, you can be sure that your message is getting across loud and clear – no need to worry about bothering those around you!

Subtitles Make Content More Accessible

For many people with hearing impairments, subtitles are essential in order to follow along with TV shows and movies. However, even those who don’t have hearing impairments can benefit from subtitles. If you’re trying to watch a show while doing something else – cooking dinner, working out, etc. – it can be difficult to hear what’s going on over the noise of whatever you’re doing. In these cases, subtitles can be a lifesaver.

By including subtitles in your content, you make it accessible to a wide range of viewers, including those with hearing impairments and those who are trying to multitask. This way, everyone can enjoy your content! 

Subtitles Enhance Viewer Engagement

When done well, subtitles can enhance viewer engagement by adding an extra layer of information to the show or movie. For example, if there is a character speaking in a foreign language, subtitling their dialogue in English can help viewers understand what they’re saying and provide context for their actions. In addition, if background noise makes it difficult to hear what the characters are saying, subtitles can ensure that viewers don’t miss any important plot points. 

How to Get Started With Using Subtitles

If you’re interested in using subtitles for your content, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

First, you need to make sure that the quality of your subtitles is high. This means ensuring that they are free of spelling and grammatical errors, and that they accurately reflect what is being said in the audio track.


Second, you need to create subtitle files for each language that you want to include. If you’re targeting a global audience, it’s important to have subtitles available in multiple languages. This way, viewers from all over the world can enjoy your content!


Third, consider a professional service provider for your subtitles. Unless you have experience working with subtitles, it’s best to leave this task to the professionals. This way, you can be sure that your subtitles are of the highest quality and that they accurately reflect the content of your video.


Finally, you need to upload your subtitle files to your video platform of choice. Once they’re uploaded, viewers will be able to enable them when watching your videos.


Subtitles are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people watch TV with the sound off. By incorporating subtitles into their content, content creators can be sure that viewers understand and engage with their message. From encouraging more viewers to enhancing viewer engagement, there are plenty of reasons to start using subtitles in your content!

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