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Why Transcription Services are Important for Business

Many years ago, secretaries joined meetings to take down notes. It was a tedious task, as the secretary had to listen to everything that was being said and discussed and took down notes. Afterward, the secretary had to transcribe her notes, confirm items with people who attended the meeting before finalizing the minutes of the meeting. Often, she was under pressure to have the notes of the meeting available at least a day after.

Today, modern companies record the minutes of the meeting, by either having an audio or video recording. The practice is more practical and efficient because everything is captured. Nothing is missed during the discussion. However, people who must know about the result of the meeting should have a copy of the minutes; therefore, they need a text version of the recording. Companies rely on transcription services for this purpose, which eliminates the need to train secretaries as transcribers and free up their time to work on their tasks as secretaries.

Moreover, businesses benefit from a written account of a business interview, meeting or conference, which they can use as reference in the future. With the heightened competitive environment of businesses today and the dynamics of local and international businesses, transcription services are more valuable today. Notes are not enough today. Text versions of digital audio files are the norm as they are more accurate and comprehensive.

Advantages of Outsourcing Transcription Services for Business

For businesses, it is more advantageous and economical to outsource their transcription requirements. They eliminate the need to train staff on transcription or hire another employee for the job. Moreover, outsourcing transcription services allows businesses to tap into the expertise of transcribers who specialize in different subject matters, ensuring the accuracy of the transcription.

Transcription is essential to businesses today, but the process is time-consuming. Instead of tying down your staff to something tedious, you can make better use of your employees’ talents and skills elsewhere, while allowing experts with the right skills to do the transcription work.

Providers of transcription service employ highly qualified business transcribers. They are adept at recognizing and dealing with various pronunciations and accents. Moreover, they can process audio and video files in different formats, and output them in the text format you need.

A transcription service provider has a team to handle transcription projects, with a project manager as head of the team. You do not have to put an additional burden on your employees. You can hire a transcription team that is focused on the specific task and can meet your deadline, with a consistent level of accuracy and quality, whatever the volume.

Benefits of Transcribing Audio and Speech Formats to Text

Video and audio are now essential components of the marketing mix. You will notice that many websites today include multimedia materials to present more dynamic and attention-catching sites.

Multimedia presentations are one of the ways to gain a wider audience reach. Different people have different ways of engaging with the content they see online, so business owners need to offer more choices. They can read written content, listen to audio materials, or view short videos. Thus, you have more advantages when you transcribe audio and speech formats to text.

You provide audiences with varied content. Multimedia gives you more chances to reach people via various senses. On the other hand, audio lets them perform other tasks. Since not all consumers want to view or listen, you complete the presentation with transcription, allowing them to read your message. Written texts are smaller files compared to audio or video, so sharing them on social media is easier and faster.

  • It improves SEO strategies. If you want to rank high rankings in search engines, your website should have text content. Search engines look for valuable information, which will help improve the visibility of your site. Transcripts can specify your niche. You can add more keywords to transcripts, as well. Search engine bots and followers can index your site’s original content.
  • You do not alienate hearing-impaired people. Providing transcripts of your multimedia content allows people with impaired hearing to read your content, which sends them the message that you care for people with disabilities. You exert effort to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to access the information they seek.
  • It gives a reference to your audio/video content. If you provide videos and podcasts on your website, transcripts of these materials will help researchers follow the content. Transcripts are useful for many people because they can get the information immediately instead of replaying a video or podcast several times to get the details.
  • Transcripts provide links to text. With text, it is easier to add links to other pages of your site; thus, more content becomes available to consumers and researchers. Providing links to more of your web pages is useful for cross-promotions. You can make people stay longer on your website when you produce more interesting and valuable content.

Is Live Transcription Possible?

In February 2019, Google released “Live Transcribe,” which is intended to help people who have a hearing impairment. The app works on Android smartphones, allowing the deaf and hearing-impaired to have a conversation in more than 70 languages.

It is suitable for short conversation but still has limitations. The app does not have a stop and start button so that you can use it indefinitely. However, you cannot edit the transcription, and the app does not provide an accurate transcription in other languages.

The speaker has to speak slowly for the app to capture the speech correctly. It has difficulty in understanding heavy accents and fast speech.

Live Transcribe does not have a record function, so it cannot be used for professional work.

Hire Us for Fast and Accurate Transcription Services

When you require transcription services for your business, be at ease by hiring eTranslation Services. We provide high quality and accurate transcription of multimedia files and meet deadlines promptly. Our transcribers are experts in different fields, and we assign transcription projects to transcribers who understand your business. With our quality control standards, you are assured of professional service for every type of transcription. Please send us an email at [email protected] or call us at (800) 882-6058 whenever you need translation, transcription, and other language services.

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