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5 Tips in using localization for retaining clients

Is your business striving hard to conquer foreign markets? Consider the potential of localization

Localization is the process that allows you to reach an increased number of clients. Because making your product more accessible around the world is simply more conversion. Also, your company’s success depends on the clients you are fostering at the end of the day.

Localization and retaining clients

Localization is the best strategy for retaining clients in the digital world. If you are not localizing your marketing content, you are already way behind your competition. Localization is not just translating strings into other languages, but it’s about creating a customer-centric approach that builds business faster.

When you’re marketing your business online, client retention is just as necessary as acquisition. Keeping your customers involved, engaged, and happy can turn them into loyal customers. And it’s always easy to bring in more sales or raise the price tags when it comes to loyal customers.

However, if your marketing efforts are not well localized, it could harm the bottom line of your business.

Retaining clients vs attracting new clients

New clients bring more revenue and recurring income, but what if I told you that investment in existing clients helped companies do much more business in the future?

A report states, The probability to sell the existing customer is higher than the new customers. The chances to generate sales from retaining clients is between 60%-70%, whereas you can expect between 5%-20% sales from a new customer.

Keeping existing customers happy is much less expensive than recruiting new ones. When you focus on increasing the profitability of your current customer base, it will have a positive impact on your bottom line in numerous ways.

Established client relationships already have a level of trust and history, to ease your job when trying to retain a client than convincing a new client.

5 Tips of effective localization for retaining clients.

The trend to localize your content is already gaining popularity, particularly with businesses targeting an international audience. But what if they are not staying for very long?

Let’s fix that here.

Hire the right professional assistance

Working on localization of your startup, product, or services? Your first step should be to hire a professional who can give you the true flavor of localization.

The role of localization goes beyond just translating texts – it also entails including local data, time zones, currencies, etc on your website or app. It requires on-site expertise on the ground.

Statista claims the global language services market has risen to USD 56.18 billion in 2021.

The statistics display the importance of localization. The key to using localization for retaining clients is having a professional for the correct content structure in place.

The more professionally integrated the localization, the more likely you’ll gain customers abroad.

Get the help of local Influencers

Collaborating with local influencers will help you reach more people online. With their help, you can also create strong word-of-mouth marketing campaigns that will make your business more noticeable in the local community.

Marks & Spencer is a great example of engaging a diverse audience with the help of local influencers like Australian blogger Le Blonde Fox and travel blogger Nadia El Firdoussi.

Reaching out to local influencers is a great way to promote your business on national or international channels, but people are more likely to purchase when recommended by someone they trust.

Of course, they keep your business alive before your clients.

Make localized social media a marketing weapon for you.

Social media offers brands an excellent way of interacting with their target audience, but this interactive environment requires local social media marketing services to meet brand objectives.

Succeeding in Social Media Marketing without Localization is like pounding money down a rat hole.

Holding your customers becomes possible with the help of social media marketing when you start creating your local pages in foreign languages.

75% of users prefer to follow social media accounts that offer different languages to connect to enjoy more personalized services.

Provide multilingual customer support

Your clients’ support is crucial when you want to create lifelong relationships with your retaining clients.

The report claims a higher customer retention rate of up to 54% due to the service provided by the customer support.

With the current trend of making companies support their customers in every possible way, it only makes sense for you to go for multilingual customer support. Your customer understands and relates the message much better in the language they are emotionally attached to. So personalization can pay off.

No chance of your message being lost in the crowd. Right?

Collect feedback from your foreign clients for improvement.

Your foreign customers are the source of your growth and improvement.

In the initial phase of the localization, you need to collect feedback from your foreign clients regularly. The more foreign clients give their feedback during the great localization, the smarter you will be in developing what you need.

It is an ideal way to boost your consumer’s retention, leaving them with a feeling of respect, and value for their association with your business.

Last Words

Localization, when done right, apart from being beneficial for your business, can have a great impact on the business practices of the particular country. In other words, localization can create more tolerance to other cultures,  social norms, and behaviors for quick growth.

Localization is not easy, and it requires lots of time and effort thus we suggest you hire the right professionals for the job to get the maximum outcome.

Otherwise, it will be hard to beat your competitors and grow your company globally.

For accurate and cost-effective localization services, contact us.

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