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Spanish to English Translation: A Key to Business Success in the U.S.

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Americans are not known for speaking multiple languages, although the country is linguistically diverse. Among the immigrant languages, Spanish is the most widely spoken. In the Pew Research Center tabulations of the 2017 American Community Survey (IPUMS), the results show the following languages and the size of the population according to the language they speak:

  • English only – 17%
  • Spanish – 43%
  • Chinese – 6%
  • Hindi and other Indian languages – 5%
  • Filipino – 4%
  • French – 3%
  • Vietnamese – 3%
  • Dravidian languages – 2%
  • All other languages – 18%

Spanish speaking immigrants started to come to the United States around the 19th century, and immigration continues to date. The language initially entered the U.S. when Juan Ponce de León first landed in an area that is now known as Florida in 1513. He came back to Florida in 1520.

The Spanish Language in the U.S.

You cannot deny the influence of the Spanish language in many parts of the United States. Did you know that the first draft of the constitution of the state of California, created in 1849, was in English and Spanish? William Edward Petty Hartnell was designated as the official translator of the California Constitution.

Several states in the U.S. have names of Spanish origin, such as Nevada, Montana, Florida, Colorado, California, and Arizona. Did you also know that before the American-Mexican war, big parts of Texas and California were territories of Mexico? It’s no wonder then that these two states have large populations of Spanish speakers.

Translation from Spanish to English

The latest available data states that 41 million people in the U.S. are native speakers of Spanish, while 11.6 million are bilinguals. Today, Spanish speakers in the U.S. outnumber the speakers in Spain and Colombia. Given the statistics, it is inevitable that many businesses, from small companies to huge conglomerates, want to establish operations in the country. These companies provide a wide variety of products and services, from agriculture to food, finance, energy, and telecommunications.

Many companies in Spain want to enter the American market, given the vast population of Spanish speakers in the U.S. As such, Spanish to English translation services are in high demand right now.

Although the U.S. does not have an official language, English is the dominant language the country speaks. It is also an international business language. Thus, Spanish companies need to ensure that their corporate papers, business plans, proposals, financial statements, and other documentation are available in English.

It is advisable to work with a professional translation company that works with native Spanish speakers with expertise in business and financial translation. Business translation uses a unique set of terms that pertain to the business sector. Knowledge of the terminology is an assurance to facilitate the proper communication between business colleagues.

English to Spanish Translation Services

With Spanish as the second most spoken language in the U.S., the demand for translation services in this language pair is consistently high. Spanish to English translation service can help you tap into a substantial demographic target market with a potential spending power of $1.5 trillion.

Translation does not only involve replacing the text in one language with the equivalent version in another language. The process is not as simple as that.

Professional translators must understand the context of the original document and the persona of the intended user of the translation. While many Hispanics are bilingual, communicating with them in their native language is one way to ensure loyalty. They still want to read messages and information in Spanish.

At eTranslation Services, our Spanish translators are mindful of the cultural preferences of the Hispanic market in the U.S. We use colloquialisms and jargon that local Hispanics use, depending on the target audience. We understand that several forms of Spanish are spoken across the country. We have to ensure that we use the type of Spanish that your target audience speaks. Today, the most dominant types are Mexican Spanish, Caribbean Spanish (Puerto Rican, Dominican, Cuban, Venezuelan, Colombian and Panamanian), and Central American Spanish languages from Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

English to Spanish Translator

Given the scenario in the Hispanic market in the U.S., we choose the right English to Spanish translator for each translation project we do. We also give equal importance to the specific type of Spanish that online consumers use. Clients should provide relevant content to online Spanish speaking communities to improve communication.

The online market for Spanish speakers grows steadily, and they prefer sites that are available in English and Spanish, increasing the demand for English to Spanish translators.

Need Experts in Spanish to English Translation? Contact Us!

Whatever type of Spanish to English or English to Spanish translation you require, we can deliver. At eTranslation Services we have a team of translators who are native Spanish speakers with subject matter expertise. If you need financial or business translations from Spanish to English, get in touch with us. You can either call us at (800) 882-6058 or send us an email at [email protected]. We guarantee that you will get excellent translation service, competitive rates, privacy, and data security. We also see to it that we deliver your translation project on time.


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