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What You Need to Know About Business Translation Services

Business Translation Services

For so many years, business translation services have been a constant ally of many corporations, large and small across the world. As more foreign markets open worldwide, business translations become more popular especially today. Why? Because of globalization and because many business activities are done online. As more and more international clients come to the fore, the more translations for business become necessary.

Business translation services

Business translation services cover several items. They can be used for deeds, mutual contracts and business agreements. They can also pertain to brochures, announcements, statements and financial reports. Translations for business relate to a product, service, company or particular business.

The service goes beyond the translation of written documentations. Business translation services likewise cover the translation of social media pages, app localization, website localization and website translations. Marketing tools and paraphernalia can also use business translation services.

What is a business translation service?

As the name implies, the service applies to any type of business that serves international clients. Global companies depend on language translation to disseminate company information about their products, services, management methods and transactions across different users in their target locations. Global businesses cannot exist without language translation because of the language barrier.

Translations is essential for global businesses as it can help guarantee their success in international markets. Companies planning for global expansion will face several challenges, such as differences in culture and language, regulatory issues and international compliance, packaging requirements, local competition and different ways of conducting business.

Effective communication is a critical component when engaging in international business and you can only achieve that through business translation services. As a business owner, you need internal documents such as training manuals and employees handbook available in other languages for your foreign workers. You cannot assume that all people will be able to understand English, for example.

You need business translators who are experts in legal documents, contracts, and local law. You have to localize your marketing materials and product information. Business translations consider specific terminologies, cultural metaphors, cultural differences, confidentiality, and legal systems. 

Business translations or business interpretation?

Do you need translation or interpretation services for your business? The answer could be one or the other, or both. The requirement for either type of language service depends on the purpose. You will often need business translation services to render your written materials into other languages for a wide range of purposes.

If you host training seminars, business meetings, conferences and other formal gatherings requiring the attendance of participants speaking different languages, you will need business interpretation services. Your company will only occasionally need interpreting services according to the scenarios mentioned above.

Top 5 industries using business translation services

As businesses expand worldwide, business translation services are experiencing high demand, since companies need to reach multiple audiences in various languages. With the range of businesses that benefit from translation services, several stand out for depending on translation for their business success.

  1. e-Commerce

In 2018, the biggest online consumers are from the U.S., UK, Sweden, France, and Germany. They are followed by Japan, Spain, China, Russia, and Brazil. Since they shop locally and internationally, this means that businesses in these countries rely on business translation services to keep their online businesses going.

2.         Finance and banking industry

With the growth of international businesses, financial and banking services play a bigger role in supporting many types of business. They also need to win more clients, so they have to localize their service offerings and their corporate content, including their marketing information to reach local target markets. 

3.         Tech industry

Technological innovations propel many industries to reach global dominance in their own niches. By 2019, the industry is expected to reach $5 trillion in revenues. About 69 percent of spending on technology comes from outside the United States, with the majority coming from the Asia Pacific region, a region where several languages aside from English are spoken. Most of them are located in Japan, China, Taiwan, and South Korea, so these tech giants communicate with their potential clients and global partners in multiple languages.

4.         Manufacturing

The manufacturing sector continues to grow and most of them are exploring new markets all the time. Manufacturing companies require translation of a wide range of documents from licenses to manuals, from patents to trademarks, from product information to marketing documents, and more. They need constant communication and they have to ensure that their communication is accurate and reaches the target users at the right time.

5.         Travel and tourism

As many parts of the world become more accessible, the travel and tourism industry encourages more clients to indulge in foreign travel. The industry needs to provide information about destinations. Countries that wish to attract international visitors should provide exciting and persuasive information. They need to impress potential clients with adequate information through brochures, leaflets and other materials that will convince travelers to visit their country.  

All industries benefit from business translation services. Whenever you need translations, get in touch with eTranslation Services. Our native-speaking translators ensure that you get the most accurate business translations at very competitive prices. Give us a call at (800) 882-6058 or send us an email at [email protected].

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