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Digital Marketing Translation in 2020

The increasing connectivity, the easing of trade barriers, and globalization make the world smaller. These factors contribute to making access to international markets easier and faster. Today, even smaller companies with limited resources can engage in overseas trading.

Reaching multiple customers in foreign markets is easier today through online transactions. Finding and connecting with potential business partners are easy to accomplish. Communication is better as translation services in multiple languages are possible.

For those business owners who want to start their international market venture by themselves, it is vital to get their message across by speaking the languages of their target markets. The proliferation of e-commerce sites spurred the development of digital marketing, and with it, digital marketing translation.

What is Digital Marketing?

By broad definition, digital marketing pertains to all marketing efforts using the Internet or an electronic device. Digital marketing uses various channels to reach current and future customers.

Digital channels include social media, mobile apps, websites, email, and search engines. You can also include pay-per-click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), marketing automation, and content marketing into the mix.

For websites, the most important is the landing page and the home page.

Overall, English is still a dominant language on the Internet, although when it comes to business communication, customers now want to read the information in their language. The new requirements led to the development of digital marketing translation to ensure that foreign customers can access information in the language they prefer

Digital marketing translation requires that the translator is a subject matter expert as well as a creative writer, since marketing needs more persuasive language, not just stating facts.

Translation and Marketing

For international business, translation is a service that corporations and organizations cannot dismiss. While English is a global business language, business owners find out that to gain entry into a foreign market, they have to speak what their potential business partners and consumers speak. It is partly business protocol and part common business sense. Even in countries that recognize and speak English, the local government and the local business community prefer to conduct business in their language.

Therefore, companies need to translate their business proposals, corporate papers, and all their written communication efforts in the local language. For their marketing and advertising efforts, businesses have to look and sound local while remaining global, meaning they should speak or market to their local consumers in the preferred language.

To ensure the quality and accuracy of the translation, marketers have to work with native-speaking translators. Marketers can benefit not only from the professional translation service, but also from the linguistic skills, experience, and local knowledge of native speakers who live in-country.

Marketing Translation Services

In the current business environment, which is very competitive, marketing is critical to maintaining a bigger slice of the market and remain on top of the competition. Globalization created an environment where businesses compete globally and locally. Marketing becomes highly vital because various products and services offer the same benefits. Thus, marketers have to ensure that they can maximize their efforts to bring satisfaction to their highly demanding customers.

Marketing translation can mean localizing marketing strategies for product promotions in other countries. Localization involves many phases, from in-depth research to planning, creation, and execution.

Working with a professional translation company will be to your advantage. They have the right marketing translation experience. As they work with various translation projects for different cultures and languages, their translators learn more about what works and things that do not work for particular cultures. They have the creative skills to render translation works that appeal to the preferences and emotions of target audiences.

Translation Marketing

Although translation services are getting more attention today due to globalization, and translation services are in high demand, translation companies should still exert effort to market their services. Marketing translation services go through the paces as well.

To heighten the appeal of your translation company, here are some proven tactics:

  1. Excellent marketing strategy. Translation companies should be flexible and creative in their marketing tactics, using several offline and online channels. They should emphasize what makes them different from other translation agencies, without forgetting about their professionalism and the quality of their services.
  2. Website optimization. Translation agencies should emulate what their customers do – optimizing their website, which one of the effective means to highlight their services and reach more clients worldwide. They need a good website design that demonstrates the image and company direction, testimonials from clients, along with cohesive and informative content. They should also employ search engine optimization to enhance your website’s visibility and uniqueness.
  3. Identify your target market. There are translation companies that serve markets across the board. But for a more cohesive marketing strategy, a translation company should identify a specific target group. If you know which target audiences will benefit the most from your language services, then you will be able to understand their interests and needs and provide them with the translation services they require.
  4. Present your services uniquely.You have a unique personality and image as a translation company. Therefore, it is easier for you to find specific ways to present your services to your target clients. Aside from quality service and professionalism, it would help if you also highlight your company’s slogan or the activities you create that make you stand out against the competition and help you attract new translators and clients.
  5. Client education. Do not assume that all clients understand what translation is all about. It is essential to provide clients clear information about the service, its processes, and the benefits the clients will gain from working with you. You should emphasize your company’s strong points, how you take care of clients, including confidentiality and privacy assurance.

Boost your digital marketing efforts – Partner with Us

Expect an increase in the dominance of digital marketing in 2020. Ensure that you are reaching your global target markets quickly and cost-effectively. We at eTranslation Services ensure that our digital marketing translation services are accurate. With our native-speaking translators, we guarantee that your digital marketing efforts will be linguistically and culturally appropriate. You can benefit from their subject matter expertise and their in-depth knowledge of the local culture. You can get in touch with us by email at [email protected] or give us a call at (800) 882-6058.


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