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How a Virtual Private Network Helps Translation Services

With the widespread use of the Internet, users need protocols to ensure the privacy and security of data. In 1996, an employee of Microsoft created a peer-to-peer tunneling protocol, which is the precursor of the virtual private network that we know today.

The wider reach of the Internet has improved global communication. With communication technology as advanced as it is, data transfer has become quick and easy. The speed of the process is a boon for many businesses. However, the same technology also poses risks to businesses, as data theft becomes rampant.

Many corporations install a variety of data security programs to protect corporate and client data. But sometimes those data security measures are not enough.

The Internet allows people from anywhere in the world the opportunity to access information worldwide. In terms of communication, this is good news. But, it also gives rise to more people with malicious intent to steal sensitive and private data.

One thing that can help organizations and corporations to ensure privacy and data security is to use a system that is linked to the Internet access.

We are talking about a virtual private network or VPN.

What is a VPN?

A VPN helps a user to connect securely with another network via the Internet. Using a VPN provides users with different ways to access websites.

When it was first created, the VPN was used as a means for business networks to connect with each other securely, either at home or over the Internet.

Today, it can be used to allow users to access websites that have region restrictions, or protect your browsing history, particularly when using public Wi-Fi services. VPN makes it possible to access resources from local networks and bypass Internet censorship, by forwarding all the network traffic to a specific network.

Secure Private Network

With a VPN, you can connect your communication devices, such as your tablet, smartphone, or computer to a server. This particular server helps you to use the Internet and browse the web using the server’s Internet connection. In short, if the server is located in another country or region, your location will show that you are browsing from that region, which allows you to access other things that you may not be allowed to visit if you are using a regular Internet connection.

When you’re using a secure private connection such as a VPN, you can have some benefits:

  • You can bypass restrictions on some streaming video or audio sites that cannot be accessed from your country.
  • It makes it easier to watch videos from streaming providers like Hulu and Netflix.
  • It protects you from Wi-Fi hotspots that are not trustworthy.
  • You give yourself protection while downloading torrents.
  • You can hide your exact location while online.

Choosing and Getting a VPN

Today, several providers offer a wide range of VPN services, making it difficult to decide which one to choose. There is always the question of whether the provider you choose is the right one, or if the service features a provider offers is enough for your needs.

Typically, you should choose a service provider like NordVPN that fits your needs. You can have one for your home or your office. Most providers offer free trials, which enables you to use the service for a limited time. The provider often asks people to visit their site and create an account so they can download the VPN client and install it on their communication device that can connect to the Internet.

The security features a VPN offer provide many benefits to different types of businesses, including language services providers (LSPs), because they handle many documents for their clients, including sensitive, private and corporate information. They have to ensure that these documents remain secure, especially since they often receive and send materials over the Internet.

In choosing a VPN server, you should take into consideration the following:

  • Ease of use
  • Speed of the server
  • Support for torrenting and streaming media
  • Security
  • Reliable encryption
  • Ease of access
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Supports various operating systems and platforms
  • Price
  • Peer-to-peer functionality
  • Technical support

Understanding How a VPN Helps Your Business

When using a VPN, you connect your communication device to the provider’s server, so whoever is tracking you will identify you as a user from a local network which is the same as your VPN server. Your connection and all your network traffic are sent to the specific server.

A VPN is very beneficial to businesses as it offers a business account, which employees can access in and out of the office to access websites that are otherwise blocked when using a regular Internet connection.

It offers security and convenience for business executives and staff members who are traveling. With a business network, they can securely access their business information. Even if you are using a public Internet or Wi-Fi access, connecting to your VPN will keep you secure, as your browsing history becomes private.

With a VPN, only users that you grant access can log in and access your business and client data through an encrypted channel. You can set it up so your office in Asia or Europe can regularly access your data center in the United States through a permanent VPN tunnel.

Your business may not have complicated requirements such as the example above, but using a VPN will ensure that you maintain data privacy and security. A virtual private network is essential to a translation company, which maintains a network of language experts in different parts of the globe.

For translators who are from locations with strict Internet access laws, using a VPN is the best option.

Price is not an issue even when the business operation is small. It is a good investment for small business owners who cannot hire IT staff but need data security. They can sign up for a VPN service and secure their data transfers. They can choose the plan they can afford from the different plans VPN service providers offer. A top-tier VPN provider for example, offers a monthly, annual or multiple-year plan, starting at $12 a month, with big discounts when subscribing to an annual or three-year plan.

Partner with Us – We assure you that your data is secure with us

At eTranslation Services, we see to it that we maintain client privacy and data security all the time. We do not want to place our company and clients at risk of data breaches. With Internet security technologies in place, our translators residing all over the world can safely access client materials for translation projects and transfer them securely over the net. For fast, high quality and accurate translations rely on our native-speaking translators. We’re here to serve your translation requirements, so please get in touch with us through (800) 882-6058 or at [email protected].


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