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Should you work with a Translation Partner?

Whatever your business is, if you want to have an international impact, it is important to have your company content translated into the languages spoken by your target audience.

Key point: If you always work with a professional translation partner, your business information in different languages will sound aligned with the target public who is going to read it. Translation partners work with professional linguists that, not only know the language, but also the culture, people, vocabulary and the best way to speak to a specific audience.

Key point. Having your content translated by a machine translation software or a colleague can have long-term consequences. Working with a good translation partner will help you save time and money in the long run. Linguists make the difference as they incorporate their context criteria and localize the content according to the target culture and terminology so the message sounds natural and familiar to the target public.
Machine translations do not take into account many basic and important points professional translators do, such as:

•local nouns
•Linguistic turns
•Common expressions

When considering all the above, translation partners are your best option to go international. They count with professional linguists with distinguished language skills, experience, and training in many different topics and fields.

Top Benefits
1. Outsourcing. Running a business is stressful enough to be worrying about getting your content correctly translated into multiple languages. Knowing that you can rely on a translation partner who gets the job done will give you peace of mind while you put your efforts in other areas of your business.

2.Long-Term Partnerships. The more your translation partner understands your needs, the better results you will see—in terms of quality and budget. By using different resources, including style guides with your preferences, past experience, and glossaries, your translation partner will be able to effectively reflect your brand’s personality.

3.Quality. Translation partners carefully select professional linguists to work in projects requiring specific terminology, expertise in particular fields, certain culture, and other variables of the language. Having the whole text as a reference for their work and glossaries that make it easier to find the right translation and terms, assure quality, coherence, and cohesion all along. You can be confident that a professional will read your texts as many times as needed to be completely sure it is spotless and that it follows all your guidelines.

4.Costs. Using machine translation or asking a colleague who knows languages to translate your message might seem a good option to save time and money. However, when it comes to business, the smallest mistake can cause a misunderstanding and affect your reputation and cost you millions of dollars.

5.Target audience. One of the main things you need to take into account when you write or translate is who you expect to read your text. The more you know about your audience, the more will help translators to find the right tone and vocabulary for their translations.

Mistranslation of terms can be harmful for your business, especially when words give misleading information or have a negative impact in the target audience. Thus, translations need to seriously take culture into account to cause the right impression.

Translators know how significant cultural differences can be. They will find the perfect terms to these differences and will provide you with high-quality translations that express your message using the most suitable tone and style for the target culture.

Either if it is a financial text or a more technical content, an experienced translator will know how to adapt the vocabulary to produce texts that result natural to the target audience.

Now, may I ask you what would you do the next time you need to translate some content?

At eTranslation Services, we know how important your business is to you, which is why we brought you this short paper to make you aware of why you should consider working with a translation partner.

We take time to understand you and your business so we can come up with the right solutions that better support your needs.
If you would like to consider eTranslation Services to translate your business content into multiple languages, please reach out. We will be happy to discuss your options.

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