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Site Localization: Maximizing the Holiday Sales Season 2020

Site localization becomes more vital today as online businesses started multiplying due to the pandemic. When a business owner uploads a website, domestic and foreign consumers can access the site, and if they like the products, many will be placing orders. Although many online shoppers understand English, reaching out to customers in their native language increases the efficiency of the site and improves its sales.

What is site localization?

Site localization involves translating the site’s texts and adapting its elements to local preferences. Localizing a website makes it more usable, accessible, and culturally fit the local market. About one-third of all Internet users are not native speakers of the English language, and several studies have confirmed that you can achieve web stickiness (staying twice as long on a site) if the website is in the local language. Website localization widens audience reach and helps companies expand into new markets.

Predictions on online shopping

Selling online is more prevalent today. Established companies have become more aggressive in their marketing. The world is still in the midst of unpredictable times. The global pandemic is changing the way consumers live, work, shop, and communicate. At the same time, digital technology continues to advance at a rapid rate. Every day, retailers encounter obstacles and complications that challenge their capacity to adapt swiftly to the new normal that is still evolving.

But when there are disruptions, there will be opportunities. 2020 will be a successful year for eCommerce, according to Adobe Analytics. It predicts that spending on holiday shopping this year will be up by 33% over 2019. 2021 will likewise be profitable for online retailers. Towards the end of the year, many prime business and technology trends are either emerging or already established, thus, online retailers should consider these developments.

For the coming year, here are the predictions:

Delivery will be part of the new normal

For consumers and retailers, delivery services will be the trend. Many delivery services have been a great help for restaurants and grocery stores and consumers. But the delivery services are not only for local consumers. Amazon, UPS, and FedEx were challenged to meet the demand amid the pandemic. Retailers are forming partnerships with last-mile carriers to deliver local orders. Last-mile delivery services complement curbside pickup.

This method of delivery is suited to eCommerce as it is scalable. With the help of gig economy workers, they can offer same-day delivery.

Greater use of alternative business models

Digital technology helps consumers become more comfortable with different forms of transactions and paying for value. Many brands are now offering their products on subscription. Some retailers are experimenting with IoT and smart speakers to refill items automatically.

Other companies like Apple, offer trade-ins and monthly installment plans for large sales. Established and well-known retailers such as Walmart, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Patagonia, and Eileen Fisher are offering the same thing for tools, clothing, and other items. Other people are finding that they can earn by using a rent-buy business model, while others are offering refurbished and used goods, particularly to people who are still undecided about making a new purchase, lack funds or need only one item from a set.

Rise of fulfillment hubs

Many online retailers are small business operations, meaning they do not have large spaces to store their inventory. Due to the pandemic, many shops pulled out of malls, which means there are plenty of vacant spaces. Online retailers will be looking to convert these spaces as fulfillment hubs, which they can also use as small distribution centers.

The appearance of new store designs

The coronavirus is not expected to go away despite the vaccines. Actually, there is a prediction that the vaccine will be part of the immunization program and coronavirus will be endemic to humans.

Thus, prominent retailers are starting to remodel their physical stores and many more will be combining in-store and online shopping. In their physical stores, they will be changing the layout with social distancing in mind. They will be installing more visible signage and cashless checkout counters.

Many see the store shelves with a few stocks, as retailers move to provide customers with a different kind of shopping experience, such as offering sales appointments. Customers can have the chance to try and experience the products before ordering them online later. They have demo rooms so that consumers can try the products in a simulated natural environment. Many retailers will be implementing virtual reality and augmented reality.

Video chatting

People are getting used to video chatting and retailers see the opportunity to extend their customer services with it. Likewise, they are seeing the value of video chatting, and foresee using it as a sales and consultation tool.

With online consultations, the salesperson and the consumer can look into technical specks and the company can share product videos, show the consumer the product functions and features in a demo, and build trust.

Online business owners should review these predictions and see which ones they can apply to their business.

How can you get the most out of the holiday season sales?

Businesses are burdened by the effects of the coronavirus. But there are businesses that maintained their sales or even enjoyed increased demand. But despite the pandemic, retail showed increased demand. As of September 2020, retail in the U.S. increased by 1.6% against the August 2020 sales, with sporting goods, clothing stores, and department stores enjoying brisk sales. But the situation is not universal, so other business owners should double their efforts to ensure that they survive the holiday shopping season.

Here are some strategies.

Increase your use of social media

Make use of social media because it is a part of the lives of many consumers. You need to be where your consumers are, so analyze consumer data and identify the social media platforms they frequent. Develop the strategies to reach your consumers, such as grouping your products in different categories and present them through posts, stories, and images, relating the categories to what consumers need for the holidays. Improve your customer engagement through fun contests. Moreover, you can provide holiday season shopping guides. Build excitement through constant updates and giving your consumers, short but helpful tips and reminders.

Review past activities and make promotion plans

Check what worked best for you in the past and rehash them. Offer other promotions that will help move other items, such as offering an incentive for consumers to purchase two or more related items. Offering discounts and free shipping are also excellent strategies, especially during this time when money is a bit tight.

Offer exclusive events

You can improve your sales this holiday season by offering exclusive events, such as an exclusive sale for your store’s email list subscribers, or a private sales event for your regular customers.

Use your email list more effectively

Use email as a powerful marketing tool to build excitement and encourage your customers to shop early. Send them updates, news of upcoming campaigns, promotions, and events, and give them a preview of what items will be available. You may offer discounts to a predetermined number of people who will place advance orders of upcoming products. Use creative messages to re-target customers who abandoned their carts.

Offer flexible payment options

Offer installment plans so your customers can pay for their purchase over a specific time they themselves choose. When you offer flexible payment options, your customers will have interest-free payments without additional paperwork. You use the customer’s credit count, so there is no need to ask for additional credit.

Optimize your website

With the coming holiday season sales, it is vital to optimizing your site to ensure that it loads faster and that your landing page is holiday sales-oriented. Develop enticing texts and feature products in high-resolution. Ensure that you add more payment options, seamless checkout process, and optimize your site for mobile devices.

Retailers and consumers are typically excited during the holiday season. Since the prediction is that online sales will be more prominent this year, it is up to online business owners to adapt to the changes.

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