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Top 5 VPN Companies That Can Help Secure Language Service Providers

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A Virtual Private Network or VPN offers users privacy over the internet with a virtual network that provides a secure and safe connection. It assures users that their private information remains private. With their various features, VPNs provide users with excellent speed, privacy, and data security, and anonymity while connected to the internet.

VPN Service and Language Services

Providers of language services handle sensitive information for various clients, whether they are translating corporate documents, medical records, legal papers, and so on. Connecting to a VPN service also protects the language service provider when localizing websites.

When doing a website localization project, the client and the provider form a team, which creates a workflow process for the proper execution of the project. This means that the team members continuously exchange information over the Internet. Since localization is a complex undertaking where various contents are handled, data security is vital.

Using a VPN removes the risk of private data breaches as well as sensitive information leaking out. The localization team can freely exchange information without worrying about other parties getting access to any data.

Moreover, the localization team can check progress and monitor the performance of the localized website securely and privately because the VPN service encrypts all data.

Top Virtual Private Network Companies

One thing you have to keep in mind is that being a famous and bigger brand does not mean that it is the best. Some smaller brands of VPNs can even exceed the more prominent brands in terms of performance.

With the number of VPNs in the market, it seems impossible to find the best one for your needs, as each one says that they are the best. Many IT experts have reviewed different VPNs, and for 2020, here are the top ones.


NordVPN is the top VPN in 2020, which works with several platforms and various streaming sites. Although it’s lower-priced compared to other VPNs, NordVPN provides excellent performance and exceptional features and all-around value. Your user traffic remains hidden and secure, as it has AES-256 encryption. NordVPN provides support for IKEv2/IPSec and OpenVPN. NordVPN is registered in Panama, which is far away from the intelligence alliance called Fourteen Eyes, so your privacy remains secure.

It has a network of more than 5,400 servers located in over 60 countries. The company likewise offers dedicated IPs, double encryption, and P2P specialty servers. Tor users can avail of the Onion over VPN solution. With its unique SmartPlay DNS settings, Nord users can open several streaming sites with fast speeds and reliable access automatically.

You can remove the annoying ads and malware with Nord’s CyberSec. For troubleshooting and other problems, Nord provides live chat customer support 24/7.


ExpressVPN is known for its speed and works well with various video streaming sites and platforms. With its fast speed, ExpressVPN is great for torrenting and streaming. The service has 160 locations worldwide, with 3,000+ high-speed servers.

It has several features that make it one of the best among the VPNs this year. You can tailor the service to fit your needs by choosing the functions and apps you want to encrypt through is split tunneling feature. It’s advantageous when are using only one device to access local and foreign content. You can even use other platforms that do not support VPN through its proprietary MediaStreamer. Its Smart Location will choose the best server that you need. It offers OpenVPN support for all platforms, and you’re protected with its 256-bit encryption, as well as a kill switch. The TrustedServer allows ExpressVPN to operate using RAM, to ensure that no data is stored in the server. It provides 24/7 live chat customer support, as well.


If you are a beginner to VPN service, CyberGhost is the right choice. It works across several platforms and various streaming sites. CyberGhost is user-friendly and easy to navigate, two features that suit beginners. Its more than 5,900 servers are located in 90 countries, with zero-logging, robust encryption, a kill switch, and leak-proof apps. It’s effortless to customize its features, and while it is not as fast as the rest of the VPNs in this list, the speed it gives you will be enough for smooth torrenting and streaming. You can always get help through its live customer support feature.


If the budget prevents you from subscribing to a VPN service, you should try Surfshark. Like the others, it works with several streaming sites and available on different platforms. As a new provider in the niche, Surfshark allows for unlimited simultaneous connections, either through users or devices.

It also has split tunneling, kill switch, and double encryption. For preventing malware and blocking ads, Surfshark has CleanWeb. For additional anonymity, the service has a NoBorders feature. Switching to the Camouflage Mode will prevent even your ISP from knowing that you’re connected to a VPN service.

Currently, its 1,041 servers are located in 61 countries.


Although PrivateVPN’s availability in different platforms is limited, it does work with the top streaming sites. The service is affordable, and the speed is reliable. The provider is located in a country that is under the 14-Eyes jurisdiction; the company ensures your privacy and security.

PrivateVPN has AES-256 encryption. It supports various protocols: PPTP, IKEv2, IPSec, L2TP, and OpenVPN. For additional security, it has a kill switch and offers DNS and IPv6 leak protection. If you want to access global content, you can turn on its Stealth mode, which can shunt DPI firewalls and VPN blocks.

The service has more straightforward features compared to others, but it ensures you that your privacy is secured, and you’ll enjoy uninterrupted streaming and browsing with its incredible speed.

VPN Speed

Connecting to a VPN service will affect your Internet connection. Your connection will slow down because the data transfer goes through new processes.

The distance between your location and the location of the server affects the speed of transmission. The two things you should check are the latency and download speed. Latency (ping time) is the time it takes for a unit of data (data packet) to travel from your PC or another device to the location of the VPN server. The unit of measurement is milliseconds. When you get lower latency, your connection is better. It is noticeable when you’re playing video games because there is less lag, and the game is more responsive.

The download speed is the rate of data transfer, which is measured in kbps (kilobits per second). If your download speed is higher, it means you have a good connection.

The download speed affects the quality of the streaming video. Using Netflix as a guide for VPN speed and video quality, respectively:

  • 500 kbps – minimum quality
  • 1,500 kbps – normal quality or about 480p
  • 3,000 kbps – SD quality (over 480p)
  • 5,000 kbps – HD quality video, around 720p
  • 25,000 kbps – Ultra HD video quality, about 1080p

A workaround to the issue with internet speed is to find a VPN provider that has more servers, which can guarantee that you’ll find a server that is closer to your physical location. For example, NordVPN has more than 5,000 servers, so it is probable for you to find a server that is not overcrowded.

VPN Connection

Connecting to a virtual private network means that your internet service provider or ISP remains hidden. Thus, your data transfer is secure because the VPN encrypts the data as it travels from your computer to the VPN server.

With hackers and even websites and search engines trying to track your online activities, it is vital for people dealing with sensitive information to use a system that will keep data secure. With a VPN connection, you’ll feel at ease while using a public Wi-Fi network.

A VPN connection allows subscribers to access information from blocked websites while protecting your identity.

Your data will remain secure with eTranslation Services – Contact Us!

Data security and client privacy are important to us. We assure you that we have up-to-date internet security protocols, including VPN connections, to safeguard our clients’ sensitive documents. As we work with a network of in-country professional translators, we have to make sure that the exchange of data and client information is secure. Trust us to keep your privacy safe. Our translators are all professionals and have years of experience behind them, and they have worked with clients in different fields. If you need an accurate translation in more than 100 language pairs, please give us a call at (800) 882-6058. You can also send us an email at [email protected] if it is more convenient.


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