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The Importance of Human Translators to Global Business

Although there is talk that AI-powered machine translation is here, companies still need human translators to grow their businesses globally. At this stage, machine translation is not in a position to beat human translators. For one thing, only humans can understand the nuances of a language. Human translators can also understand the context of the source material that machines are unable to do just yet.

While machine translation and free translation tools available online can help people translate short phrases and words, particularly for an informal conversation on social media platforms, human translators are critical when you need translation for official communication.

Why should you hire a human translator?

When you’re engaged in business, you need to meet many people, and if your business is global, it means the people you meet and deal with are from different cultures, and speak a variety of languages. For better communication, business owners should hire a human translator to effectively translate the various documents they need for conducting business. Whether they need business application papers, contracts, proposals, product information, corporate communication, or marketing and advertising collaterals, human translators can accurately and effectively translate them into the languages their business partners and colleagues require.

Advantages of Human Translation

Human translators have an essential role in the success of global business ventures. Translators facilitate communication by delivering information most accurately from a source language to different target languages. Translators specialize in various fields, ensuring that communication uses industry-specific language and terminology.

  • They can specialize in marketing, finance, economics or finance. The specialists have good knowledge of different markets and types of businesses, as well as current events. Human translators can localize your website, to help your business and your products or services adapt to local cultures and reach local consumers effectively by speaking to them in their preferred language.
  • Human translators are language experts, and they understand that words can have different meanings. They derive the right context from the source document and translate the content appropriately.
  • Translators are also creative writers, which is a skill that machines do not possess. Human translators comprehend the diverse subtleties of the language, and they use their creative writing skills to bring life to the content to convince prospective customers and engage more audiences.
  • Translators are sensitive to local culture. They acknowledge that each one is unique and has its values and ethics. The credibility and accuracy of the translation depend on the language and subject expertise of the translator. The translation likewise depends on their ability to understand the traditions and practices of the target audience.

Rely on Human Translation Services

Global business owners will significantly benefit from working with a professional human translation services provider. With their expertise, the global business will flourish. Human translation services offer specialized translation, including website and product localization, video and audio transcription, subtitling, and transcreation.

These services help make a company, brand or product look local like it is produced locally, while maintaining its global appeal. Several international businesses benefit from the professional assistance of human translators. Examples include popular fast-food chains, coffee shops, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, restaurants, cars, banks, and financial institutions, aside from various consumer products for personal and home use.

With their language expertise and knowledge of the local culture, human translators are adept at talking to the global marketplace through enhanced translation services. The translators understand the ways to capture the attention of target audiences. With each culture having a unique way of looking at and understanding things, it is the job of the translator to ensure that the translation is appropriate to the audience.

When you want to do business in other languages aside from English, it is vital to work with a human translation services provider that is an expert in the target language. This is essential in captivating international markets because the language services provider can provide an excellent and accurate translation.

The thing to keep in mind is that your success in the global business environment is to always indulge in proper communication in the language that your target audience understands, whether they are from the regulatory board, business associates and partners, staff workers, or consumers.

Choose the right translation agency

When you’re talking about translation services, it is vital to ensure that the company works only with human translators. See to it that the translation agency works with native-speaking translators who live in-country.

Conducting a global business means that you have to be culturally sensitive. Communication is vital, and you should be precise. Ensure that the translators have linguistic and subject matter expertise. They should have a solid understanding of the specific industry.

Check the quality assurance process of the translation agency, as well as their turnaround time. Timing is critical to global business, so it is to your benefit if the translation agency you work with can deliver what they promise.

Need Professional Business Translations? We are here for you!

When you want professional translation services that can propel your global business to success, get in touch with eTranslation Services. We only work with native-speaking translators, many of whom are subject matter experts. They live in-country so they can handle your translation needs wherever you may be. We have a quick turnaround time, and our prices are competitive. Our translators work in more than 100 languages, so we can assure you that we can serve your business translation needs efficiently and accurately. Give us a call at (800) 882-6058. You can also get in touch with us through email at [email protected].

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