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Why Do You Need Professional Translation Services?

Public Speaker needing Professional Translation Services

Translation service is a booming industry, which is why many are attempting to get into the business. Still, there is a big difference between professional translation services and the services rendered by inexperienced translators.

For companies that want to reach diverse markets, it is vital to use professional translators, because they have the experience and the knowledge in adapting the translation to fit the end-user. Inexperienced translators often make the mistake of doing literal translations.

Professional Translation Services

Professional translation service providers understand that maintaining the credibility of the original document is critical. Professional translators will see to it that your content will contain the words that target markets expect to see. At the same time, they have the experience to correlate the translation to the source texts’ vocabulary, tone and style, ensuring that correct delivery of the message you wish to convey.

Benefits of Using Professional Translation Services

You want the approval of your application for business expansion into a foreign market, educational institution, immigration and a host of other things. Hence, you should hire a professional translator. You get high quality, accurate and error-free translation when a professional takes care of your translation project.

You benefit from their training and experience, cultural knowledge, mastery of the target language, and their subject matter expertise.

A professional translator understands your particular market and uses words and phrases that will make your target audience understand the information. With subject matter expertise to boot, a professional translator will either find the right terminology to use or request you to provide the list of specialized terms to ensure consistency of the translation.

A provider of professional translation services has a systematic workflow process, with a project manager, translator, proofreader, and editor, ensuring that the translation passes through a rigid quality assurance system. The provider sees to it that the translation project meets your deadline.

You cannot entrust specialized translation services to a novice or a translator with minimal experience. Only professional translators with subject matter expertise, years of experience in the specific field or industry and proven mastery of the source and target languages can handle legal, medical and business translations.

Legal Translation Services

You will need a professional translator with expertise in legal matters, which may cover various subjects. Legal documents include:

  • Patent translations, patent filings
  • Servicemark and trademark registrations
  • Registration of copyright
  • Litigation documents including depositions, affidavits and pleadings, correspondence, settlement agreements, and written discovery documents
  • Business plans, proposals, business formation, contracts, compliance with regulations, financial records, and business ownership documents
  • Immigration documents
  • Insurance, birth certificates, marriage license, divorce papers, driver’s license, wills, deeds, and academic records

Legal translations require precision, accuracy, confidentiality, and security. You can have all these qualities by hiring a professional translator or a professional translation agency.

Medical Translation Services

Medical translation likewise needs accuracy and precision. The process involves translations of sensitive information, including a patient’s medical history, doctor’s diagnosis, and prescriptions. Aside from these documents, medical translators also handle the translation of manuals, legal-medical documents, training materials, technical documentation of medical devices, pharmaceutical information, packaging, labels, inserts, marketing materials, clinical trials, and more.

The fields of medicine and healthcare have specific terminology. Translators with medical subject expertise understand the terms commonly used in different sectors needing medical translations. They have working knowledge and experience in healthcare and medicine. Professional medical translators can adapt the translations to ensure that they fit the level of comprehension of people who will be using the translated documents.

Business Translation Services

Just like medical and legal translation services, business translation has a set of specific terms, and it takes a professional business translator to understand the terminology and the requirements for translating business documents. Businesses handle various written materials, including articles of organization or incorporation, tax identifications and permits, and financial reports (cash flow statements, balance sheets, income statements), among others. Only a professional translator with experience working in the business sector will understand the intricacies of business jargon.

Get Your Professional Translation Services Right Here, Right Now

eTranslation Services has an extensive network of native-speaking linguistic experts, who can provide you with professional translation services wherever you are. They live in-country, so they have a deep understanding of the local language, culture, preferences, and habits of local consumers. Whenever you need professional translation services, contact us at (800) 882-6058. You can also email us at [email protected]. We work with more than 100 language pairs, so you can rest assured that we’ve got your target language covered. If you require specialized translations, our subject matter experts are ready to help. Get in touch with us now and avail of professional translation services with a high level of accuracy and quick turnaround at affordable rates.

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