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New Year Celebrations Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

2020 is about to close, and many people are staying optimistic that the coming year will be better, not only because it is 2021, but also because the number 1 symbolizes a fresh beginning, like starting from the bottom with renewed hope.

The COVID-19 pandemic is still raging, and it’s not likely to be wiped out at the start of the New Year. However, this is the season to celebrate, and for most people, they want to celebrate and be thankful, for they are still safe and healthy, and the enforced quarantine has allowed them to grow closer to their immediate families.

The pandemic brought so many changes to the world, some good and some bad. People discovered new skills and competencies. Enterprising people found other ways to be productive and financially stable. Scientists, researchers and developers have facilitated the development and production of various methods and technologies that made life and work easier, faster and more streamlined. Organizations and industries have become more flexible, employing new technologies to keep the economy growing, provide employment and create new products and services that fit the new normal.

2021 is just a few hours away, so people, despite the pandemic, still want to stay true to tradition and have a New Year’s Eve celebration, even if it’s a scaled-down version. Since it’s next to impossible to tell people not to celebrate the most-anticipated holiday event at the end of the year, here are some ideas to remain safe amid the celebration.

Pandemic-safe celebration ideas for the family

With the ongoing pandemic, it is still vital to stay safe and prevent the virus’ transmission while having a New Year’s Eve celebration. Most of us stay at home with our immediate family members; therefore, we should be creative and enjoy the year-end celebrations safely. We should not forget that there would also be people living alone, separated from family and friends due to the travel ban, imposition of social distancing, and work.

  • Give thanks. Before enjoying the holiday celebration, gather your immediate family members and give thanks – for the blessing you have received despite the pandemic. Be thankful that you are safe and healthy. Say a prayer for your loved ones who cannot be with you, the people who helped you during these stressful times, and the frontliners who make you safe.
  • Dress up as you wish.There is no stopping you from donning a sparkly party dress, whether alone or with family. Of course, it would be more fun if your immediate family members are with you in the same house because you can put on your best holiday clothes and have a small party.
  • Prepare some holiday food.Pair up your party dress with some festive drinks. While preparing alcoholic drinks is fine, it is best not to be inebriated if you are alone. Do have some things to eat, especially if there are children and other family members. You can still have a small feast, with some favorite holiday food and drinks. Consider food delivery services, so you do have to spend hours cooking. But do place your order in advance to ensure that the restaurant has stock and avoid delivery delays.
  • Host a video call.Several video conferencing tools are available today. If you are geographically separated from family members, host a video call to keep in touch with your loved ones and wait for the New Year together. Cap off the call with a virtual toast to the New Year.

You do not have to be limited to these ideas. You can find several more ideas online. The most important thing to keep in mind is to observe the basic health protocols to stay safe and healthy while you welcome the New Year.

Virtual parties and family reunions

Traveling and socializing should be kept at a minimum if it is impossible to refrain from these activities. With the new strains of the coronavirus, which are more infectious, it is best to strictly observe basic health protocols. Rather than take the risk, think of having year-end holiday parties and family reunions virtually.

You will be doing yourself, and your family members, a huge favor by staying separated from other relatives. While the desire to gather at least for the New Year’s Eve celebration is great, think of your health and safety.

You can still have a holiday party or family reunion virtually. And you can make it happen by careful planning.

  1. Choose the right communication tool. Announce the virtual reunion to all the family members you want to invite and ensure that everyone has the right communication app installed on their computer. Choose the best web conferencing tool that is easy to use.
  2. Give instructions on how to use the app. Do not expect that every family member knows how to use a web conferencing app. Tell them how to download and install the app, and guide them on navigating the interface. Some people can follow verbal instructions, but some fare better when they can see detailed instructions on paper, so prepare both.
  3. Open the meeting room early.Give people time to get familiar with the app. There could be some last-minute questions, so you should be available at a much earlier time so the reunion can start without any hitch.
  4. Create an agenda or list of activities.To avoid downtime, circulate a list of what everybody should do, whether they have presentations, greetings, food showcase, etc. With an agenda, everyone will know what to do and expect. You can have a party theme if you like.
  5. Have a co-host. Since most family members have missed each other, they want to catch up on the news. But not everyone can talk at once during virtual meetings. If you are the host, have a co-host to monitor the attendees and mute and unmute people so everyone can understand each other. The co-host can direct the flow of conversation.
  6. Give each family member a responsibility. You can manage the virtual reunion better by assigning a family member to act as the point person. The assigned person should follow the agenda and get the family members ready for their presentation or any other group activity.
  7. Be patient about connectivity issues.Not everyone will have a fast connection. With many people doing virtual meetings, Internet connection may not be at its best. Let members know that the connection can be an issue, and they should not be frustrated when the connection drops. The point person in each household can guide them on how to re-join the party.
  8. Take screenshots and pictures. Even if the family reunion is virtual, it is still possible to keep mementos of the occasion. Tell them how to make screenshots or take pictures with their phones or cameras to commemorate the family gathering.

New Year’s resolutions or goals

Many people still make New Year’s resolutions. But the sad reality is that many of them cannot follow through, which can be stressful. 2020 was extremely stressful for everyone, so in 2021, why not choose goals or resolutions that are easier to achieve without giving you stress.

Here are some stress-free ideas:

  • Make sure that the goals you set are achievable
  • Monitor your progress
  • Do it systematically
  • Reward yourself for every milestone achieved
  • Do not be a perfectionist and understand that there could be setbacks

You do not have to set lofty goals. Assess what you want to change, perhaps in the way you work or your lifestyle. You may want to be fitter or slimmer, start to save, or try something new. Whatever you set out to do, make a plan on how to achieve it, and give it a timetable that you know you can follow.

Stay safe and informed during the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is not yet over, even if 2020 is ending. While everyone is still facing many challenges, you should strive to stay safe, healthy and informed. eTranslation Services is here to help you translate your message in over 200 languages to communicate better with all the people you want to reach. Please contact us via email at [email protected] or call us at (800) 882-6058.

We wish everyone good health, happiness, new beginnings,
and loads of blessing in 2021. Happy New Year to all!


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