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Ten Blog Sites Every New Freelance Translators Should Know

Blogs are everywhere as the digital environment continues to widen. Some bloggers write articles about trending topics, while others are known for writing articles that concern particular industries and specific jobs, such as translation.

Many professional translators have their own blogs that are popular among other translators, especially freelance translators. Blogs related to their jobs are often their source of tips, guides, ideas, trends, and other information that can help freelance translators to make their job more efficient and successful.

Why are blogs so popular today? Researchers are one in saying that people are reading blogs because they want to learn new things. Blogs are sources of fast facts, tutorial videos, systematic processes, and useful guides.

Some blogs discuss a wide variety of topics that are not very familiar to most people yet can pique people’s interest and curiosity. People also read blogs to be entertained.

Many companies are already aware of this fact, so they create their own content to promote their brand, products, and services or hire popular bloggers to help them develop informative marketing content.

How to spot a good translation blog site

Let’s first define what a blog is. A blog, which used to be called a weblog, is a regularly updated web page or website written for personal or business use. A blog typically allows users to interact with the writer and other readers/followers.

When looking for a good translation blog site, or any job-related site for that matter, you should find out the blog’s specific purpose. It should relate directly to the service or the product. Since blogging has entered the mainstream in the mid-2000s, understand that blogging today is a marketing tool, and companies use blogs to convert visitors into leads and, later, into customers. The ultimate goal is to boost revenue for the company.

At the same time, job-related blogging can be a way to share ideas, tips, experiences, making the writer an authority in the subject. Companies use blogging as a means to increase brand awareness.

Thus, when choosing a translation blog to follow, find out the top five or top 10 translation industry bloggers. Find out if the authors speak at industry events and conferences and subscribe to their blogs, which will help you choose the more relevant ones.

You can also use, a website that tracks and reviews the most authoritative blogs by category or industry. It has a search function so you can find what category you’re looking for.

Check the user interaction to find out what makes the blog successful and interesting. Find out its readership and comments of readers, and check out their social media channels. Find out how responsive the blogger is and how they respond to readers. You should also determine what type of topics readers share and if the site links to other translation bloggers and sources.

Send your comments and questions and see how the writer responds. It is also a good idea to engage with the other readers to find out if you can continue subscribing to the specific blog or opt-out from its list.

Top 10 translation blog sites

Several blog sites by translators for translators are available today. They are all interesting and deal with various work- and industry-related topics. If you want variety yet gain insight into the world of translation and language services, here are some of the blog sites most translators follow, in random order.

  1. Between Translation.For translators who want to know more about CAT tools, professional development, and good resources.
  2. Translation Times. Focuses on a wide range of information about the business side of translation, software recommendations, professional development, work-related conferences and workshops, job opportunities, book reviews, and more.
  3. A Pragmatic Eye.Talks mostly about the writer’s observations on translation work-related issues, problems with translation apps, localization, and updates on conferences.
  4. Business School for Translators. A great site for beginners who seek advice, with lessons, tips, and videos that you can download in document format. It is also a site that helps promote professional translators’ localization and translation services. The author likewise shares how to create a life-work balance.
  5. The Translator’s Teacup.An excellent blog site for translation newbies. The author discusses the challenges that new translators face, such as useless translator directories, tricky test translations, tenders, and underpayment. The author also advises on choosing translation tools.
  6. Freelance Folder.A blog for those who want to be freelance translators. It gives advice, tips, and suggestions on promoting a freelancer’s business online, using social media wisely, choosing the tools that can help the business, and ways to offer services to potential clients.
  7. Thoughts on Translation.A great blog for all translators, with in-depth analysis on how to balance life and work, and issues that affect translation work, handling clients, finding potential clients, time management, and how to provide better services, and growing your business.
  8. eMpTy Pages. Primarily for translators handling technology-related documents. The authors provide opinions and detailed descriptions of machine translation, translation management systems, collaborative translation platforms, localization management. They also provide different viewpoints regarding the language services market and available opportunities.
  9. The Freelancery. Provides tips and advice on anything related to being a freelance translator, including which specialization to pursue, various strategies affecting your career as a freelancer, changing directors, and ways to find clients.
  10. About Translation. For seasoned and beginners in translation, this site is a wonderful source of information about CAT tools, online tools for translation as well as thoughts about being a translator.

Translation blog topics that help

Translation blogs vary, and readers choose the topics that interest them. Some cover topics regarding the translation industry, various translation services, cultural diversity, languages, best practices, global translation trends, certified translations, marketing strategies, and specialized translations.

Translation bloggers’ thoughts on translation

Translators who create blogs often think of ways to share what they know and learn with their fellow translators. The translation is a special sector, and translators form close-knit communities to improve their work and industry. They share work experiences, recommend CAT tools, best practices, industry news, work opportunities, training schedules, and more. They also aim to provide clients with the correct information to understand their work better, the process of translation, its intricacies, and how professional translators strive to ensure that the translation is 100% accurate. Translators who write blogs aim to let more people understand their work, why they have to use professional translators, learn about languages, and be the authoritative source of translation information.

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