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On-Demand Interpreting Services for Law Enforcement

The sworn duty of every law enforcement officer is to protect the people, in spite of any language barriers. If there is an emergency situation in which an officer is needed by a person who does not speak the same language, it should not be a barrier to give their assistance.

Poor communication is not an excuse to put both the office and the civilian at risk. No matter what the legal issue is, every person must feel that their rights are respected and that their safety is secured.

This is where on-demand interpreting services can assure the safety of the people. When law enforcement officers are dispatched, it happens that they have to communicate with someone who does not speak the same language. Most likely, they will be helped by friends or acquaintances who will translate the concerns into the language that the officer knows.

Unfortunately, these translations from laymen do not always reflect the true intention of the civilian. Things may get mistranslated and confused, leading to slower action and mistakes in responses.

Clear, fast, and accurate interpretation matters because it can dictate how the situation at hand will go for officers.

What is on-demand interpretation?

With on-demand interpretation, you can immediately connect to an interpreter when the need arises. An interpreter will be able to help you out over the phone, as fast and easily as possible. You don’t have to make appointments a week prior, because these professionals are on standby, ready to help you out at any moment.

On-demand interpreters provide high-quality interpretation services for clients in any language. It doesn’t require any high-tech or special equipment to be accessed, either! You can get in touch with a phone translation or interpreter through your phone, or any other platform.

This service makes it more efficient for all parties, as assistance can be given with a click. Thanks to the technological improvements over the years, you no longer need to have your interpreter physically with you, as interpretation can be done over the phone anytime and anywhere.

Why is on-demand interpreting useful for law officers?

Law enforcement officers already face a lot of stress due to the nature of their job. Having to worry about translation, interpretation, and language barriers should not be their concern. An experienced interpreter will be able to help facilitate an officer’s conversation with LEP or limited English proficient individuals.

In cities all over the United States, 911 is dialed and the person on the other line speaks little to no English. Even though an officer is quickly dispatched, their response to the situation is slowed down due to the officer and the civilian not being able to understand each other.

On-demand interpreting can be beneficial to law enforcement officers, especially in urgent situations where interpretation should be readily available. This could be during medical emergencies, security concerns, or any other crucial situations where waiting could place someone in danger or at a disadvantage.

The assistance of a professional interpreter is crucial whether you’re at a scene of an accident, a crime, in jail, or simply conversing with law enforcement officers. Quick and quality interpretation will ensure that your words and sentiments are well-translated in order to convey your message in the best way.

Language barriers are inevitable, but that doesn’t mean that they cannot be overcome, especially during an emergency. This is where on-demand interpreting can help you out. People who speak or understand limited English will be able to ask for assistance from law enforcement officers, and those officers will be able to quickly grasp what they mean with the use of an interpreter.

How can law officers access on-demand interpreting services?

Using on-demand interpreting services is quick and easy. Since it only requires the use of an officer’s mobile phone, a law enforcement officer can simply utilize any mobile device to connect with a professional interpreter to help them out in any emergency situation.

A professional interpreter practices confidentiality and discretion. Hence, the civilian will not need to be worried about sensitive information being shared with the wrong person. Moreover, they may even request for a male or female interpreter to help them feel more comfortable with interpretation.

On-demand interpreters are spread all over the world and are experts in over 300 language pairs. They provide remote assistance and help every day and every time of the year. Since the job of a law enforcement officer is 24/7, interpreters are ready to be used to help any civilian no matter what time it is. After all, emergencies and accidents choose no time.

OPI or VRI: Which one works best for law officers?

It depends on the situation. While OPI may be enough for most people, it would be wise to enlist the help of an interpreter through VRI, especially if the civilian is deaf, mute, or hard of hearing.

If you were wondering what OPI and VRI are and how they’re used, we’ll break it down for you and help you figure out which one is best for law officers. First, let’s talk about what they really are.

OPI or On-Demand Over-The-Phone Interpretation can be accessed through a cell phone, telephone, or any other mobile device. It is a type of consecutive interpreting in which a professional interpreter facilitates the communication between two people who cannot understand each other due to language barriers.

On the other hand, VRI refers to Video Remote Interpreting. As the name suggests, it also utilizes video on top of the voice. This is a great option for people who are deaf, mute, or hard of hearing. With VRI, an interpreter provides sign language interpretation.

We hope that this article helped you understand how on-demand interpreting services can be beneficial to law enforcement officers. This article covered all the benefits of on-demand interpretation, and how it can benefit the public.

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