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Why Does The Film Industry Need Video Transcription Services

We might see a change in media landscapes, but the desire to access entertainment remains the same. In addition, we consume different formats and types of media in a variety of forms and locations. But what helps us appreciate a variety of content?  Most of the time it’s a video transcription service. Different branches of media, from podcasts to video studios to radio shows- all enjoy the plethora of benefits from video transcription services.

What Is Video Transcription Services

Video transcription is an efficient way of transcribing the audio part of your media content in the form of a written text transcript. Video transcription services are often offered to businesses, academics, production houses, creatives, and smart individuals looking to transcribe their videos and other online webcasts.

In the film industry, time is as valuable as money. That’s why the production studios/media companies can’t spend hours transcribing videos and films. So the media transcription services come to the rescue!

Transcription services can help the film industry in so many different ways. It helps in pre-production transcription, post-production transcriptions for subtitles, and close captions. So, it ultimately allows more interaction and engagement with the content. It also helps to eliminate many errors.

What Is The Purpose Of Transcribing A video?

Video Transcripts have several benefits, making them an essential aspect of the film industry.

Imagine that you made an amazing short film to be shown to different countries worldwide. Don’t you think the language would be a barrier to it?

How can more and more people appreciate it?

One short answer. That is video transcribing.

Transcription services for the film industry provide numerous ways and options to attract the audience.

A well-written transcript by a professional transcription service provider can make your life easy. A finalized transcript can be sent to a translator to make the whole process efficient.

Moreover, subtitles can also be easily put together. Therefore, transcribing a video will benefit the audience who face hearing difficulties or are deaf.

Thus, having a professional video transcript helps to run the production process smoothly. It will save both time and money.

Benefits of Transcription Services for the Film Industry

Various media producers in the field of movies, theater, and documentaries use transcripts to do the following:

  • Easily translate the show to different languages

Video transcription helps to make content accessible and understood by everyone. Subtitling and close captions work here.

  • Provide error-free recordings

When attaining professional transcribing services, the work is done without any errors. It saves time and energy while allowing it to make more professional.

  • Increase searchability of the film industry

The internet is becoming more used to the audiovisual forms of communication, but it doesn’t mean that Google ignores the importance of text. In most cases, the video or audio content is often hard to find on search engines. With video transcripts, this problem is solved as it improves content visibility.

  • Crucial for the teaching purposes

You can have a written copy of that content by transcribing speeches, lectures, interviews, etc. In addition, the content can be transcribed into written text for future research and referencing.

Also, the written text allows you to quickly jump to the relevant information of that recording. Thus, helping you to teach effectively.

  • Helps in closed caption editing

Audiovisual media transcription has importance in the film industry. Transcription services take audiovisual content and create text copy on a computer or paper.

These transcriptions are used in post-production for creating captions, editing, and translation. In addition, transcripts make closed captioning editing and online sharing more convenient. So you can find the role of video transcription in the film industry in many significant ways.

Top 10 languages Used in Transcribing Videos.

The choice of language for transcribing videos usually depends on the type of your target audience. In our age of technology, film producers can reach a vast audience worldwide by investing in video transcription services.

A considerable number of people around the globe have subscribed to famous streaming networks like Netflix, which has a variety of films, documentaries, and series. Unfortunately, all this content is neither produced nor understood by everyone. Are you wondering how all this content produced in another language gets people hooked?

It’s all about nailing the video transcription!

Let’s have a look at Netflix’s super hit series Money Heist. Originally produced in Spanish, this series has taken the world of film lovers by storm. This particular show was a flop in Spain, but we all know how popular it has been worldwide. Yes, you guessed it right! The majority of the non-Spanish speakers accessed the video transcripts. Isn’t it great!

Another great example is our favorite, Stranger Things. This flagship show is regularly transcripted in Spanish, French, English, and Chinese.

Russian and Arabic have also made it to the list of Top languages Used in Transcribing Videos. From popular Ted Talks to Amazon or Hulu, these transcription languages have helped millions of people by being a great alternative to a film’s original audio.

According to Youtubes’s user statistical data, the list of the top languages used in transcribing videos have been given below

  1. English
  2. Arabic
  3. Hindi
  4. Chinese
  5. German
  6. South Korean
  7. Japanese
  8. Mexican
  9. French
  10. Russian

In other words, you might have to consider prioritizing the above list of languages for transcribing videos.

Final Word

Video transcription services play a major role in connecting media creators and businesses with their target audience. So whether your goal is to increase your global audience, better engagement, or fueling your content to be more accessible and discoverable, hiring professional video transcription services can help you achieve all your goals.

Ready to experience a remarkable boost in your media business?  Avail of professional transcription services to save both time and money for greater benefits because the best choice can pay back well.

Call eTS for accurate video transcription services

If you’re an online marketer or a business that needs high-quality video transcription, you are in the right place. eTranslation Services provides accurate video transcription in over 200 languages. Our native-speaking translators are more than capable of transcribing videos that will resonate with your target audience. Please send us a message at [email protected] or call us at (800) 882-6058 so that we can discuss your requirements.


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