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Marketing Translations: Essential Things You Must Know

marketing translations used in market share study

Global companies have to consider effective communication as they deal with foreign colleagues, suppliers, governments, and customers, and the most effective means to do so is through marketing translations.

If you want to improve your brand identity for your global campaigns, your marketing materials should be available in the language your target country speaks.

Marketing translation

When you want to go global, you spend a lot of money to develop their advertising and marketing materials. You pay for market research to know your target audiences better. You work with copywriters, designers, as well as marketing and advertising agencies to create exciting, attention-grabbing, and appealing ads, brochures, leaflets, and other product information.

Thus, it is necessary to put more importance on the brand and product materials they produce when ordering marketing translations. After all, you spend all that money to ensure that you give clients, partners, vendors, and consumers a positive impression as a high quality and trustworthy brand and product.

Translation and marketing

Many companies suffer from inadequate translation. Translating marketing copy and collaterals requires the services of a translator with marketing translations expertise. Marketing, just like a business or financial translation, has its set of terminology.

You cannot present your marketing materials in only one language. As you are after multilingual consumers, you should speak to your audiences in the language they easily understand. This is why marketing materials and marketing translations are intertwined.

You want to communicate with your intended consumers, partners, and suppliers effectively. But since foreign consumers prefer to read or hear information that they can understand easily, all your marketing collaterals should be in their language, so you need high-quality translations created by professional translators with marketing expertise.

Digital marketing translations

Today, more brands have access to a variety of communication channels, including social media. Businesses need a well-written marketing copy. Today, it’s not only about sales letters, product descriptions, and advertising. To have a wider audience reach and establish a reliable company and brand reputation globally, companies should carefully consider what they upload online.

When translating digital marketing copy, it is vital to consider the nuances of a particular language. At the same time, a translator with experience in digital marketing translation should handle the job, since he or she should make the copy relevant to the target consumers, and appropriate to the local culture.

One of the first things you should consider for your digital marketing efforts is to have your website translated or localized. Localization means that you have to adapt your website to the culture of your target market. It will help expand your business, increase your audience reach, and give your business more opportunities to succeed. It will be a mistake if the translator underestimates SEO. For a robust marketing campaign, you should synchronize all your marketing efforts, including your email marketing.

Marketing translation services

Advertising and marketing translation requires a more complicated process. It should be made clear that marketing translation can be tricky and needs an expert in the marketing sector.

Providers of marketing translation services should understand the objective and strategy of the client. The common aim is to see to it that the marketing or advertising message is appropriate to the culture, and does not deviate from the brand.

Marketing translation service providers should have translators who possess strong writing skills. They should be creative writers who focus on the meaning of the message, tone of voice, and the values of the brand. In the industry, the service is known as transcreation.

At the same time, the marketing translator should pay special attention to some elements of the marketing or advertising copy that makes the translation more complex.

  • It is difficult to translate humor because what is funny in one culture may be offensive in another.
  • Idioms, puns, and metaphors. They are linguistic devices that make advertising copy memorable and appealing. Still, the translator needs to ensure that it is culturally appropriate when translating them.
  • Colors and imagery. When translating or localizing, the images and the colors should be adapted to local preferences as well. Marketing research is necessary to maintain brand identity and adjust to the sensitivities of the target audience.
  • Brand names. Some brand names are not suitable for foreign markets. Companies must ensure that the name of their product will not have a different meaning or become offensive to international consumers. For example, ”Sprite” is called ”Xuebi” in China to fit the market. A frozen pizza brand from Germany became the highest-selling brand in Italy when it changed its name from “Dr. Oetker” to “Cameo.” Wall’s is a famous ice cream brand in the UK. Unilever owns it. As a global brand, it has different names: “Streets” (Australia), “Kibon” (Brazil), “Eskimo” (Austria), ”Ola” (South Africa and the Netherlands), ”Algida” (Greece, Turkey, and Italy), and ”Frigo” (Spain.)

So you see, marketing translation services, which includes localization and transcreation, requires delicate and sensitive handling, with the help of subject matter experts with a flair for creative writing. When you need translation, localization, or transcreation for your global marketing and advertising campaigns, eTranslation Services is ready to help. Send us an email at [email protected] or call us at (800) 882-6058.

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